GTA 5 Release Date – “PC Version Delayed To Add Improvements”

Delaying games for the PC platform has been a habit that most game development companies dutifully follow.

For a long time, Ubisoft was releasing the Assassin’s Creed game late for Windows platform, whereas it landed earlier for consoles. Rockstar is another developer who loves to delay the PC version as much as possible and sometimes even never release them.

It has exceptionally annoyed players on the platform who demanded an explanation as to why GTA 5 is not getting released on computers same time as next gen consoles. While the game arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in November, it is going to be more than a year’s wait for PC players because you will get Grand Theft Auto only on January 27. The development team has a reason because they say that such a delay has occurred because they are trying to make the game as amazing as possible so as to make sure players enjoy it in the ultimate way.

Making an Amazing Port

When Rockstar ported GTA 4 to PC, it was one of the really bad games that never had good controls, graphics or worked properly on computers. Everyone really wish that it doesn’t happen one more time with GTA 5. It looks like from the statement that the development team plans the same and decided to delay it to 2015 so that they can come up with a title worthy of playing. In the new press release, Rockstar said, “We are really glad to see so many of you being excited about the upcoming game’s release. The new version of the franchise is going to entertain you all and we will soon be sharing plenty of details about the upcoming game.”

Additionally, they said, “Even though, we are excited to bring GTA 5 to PC, the game requires little more time to be spent in development because we have to make sure it is fully polished and is amazing when it finally gets launched. The extra time will allow us to make this possible. Do stay tuned with us as we will be revealing more new features and information about the new version of the game in the coming weeks.”

Confirmed Upgrades

In the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 edition of GTA 5, we already have a list of confirmed upgrades. The new version of the game will feature new wildlife, new vehicles, weapons, longer draw distance, increased pedestrians on road, better visuals, anti-aliasing features and more radio tracks that you could listen to.


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