GTA 5 PC Delayed To Make It Amazing, Rockstar Says So

Almost every gamer who loves the title on PC got seriously annoyed when Rockstar announced that they have pushed the title for a 2015 release.

GTA 5 PC is being delayed while all other versions are going to be released before the end of November.

The Windows version however will land in retail stores and online only on January 27, 2015. That’s a good couple of months to go before you could get the game. The title is already available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles whereas the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are coming out on November 17 as planned.

Rockstar Offers an Explanation

In an official statement that has been designed to appease fans, Rockstar tries to explain why GTA 5 PC has been delayed over a year now and claims that they have postponed it because they want to show the most amazing game ever made. In the statement, it reads, “We are really amazed to see the exciting responses that we have received so far and we are looking forward to share more details about the game soon. On our end, the development team is incredibly excited to bring the game to PC as well because the platform has plenty of scope to explore but we do require more development time so as to make it as amazing and polished as possible on release date.”

There is no actual reason on why the delay came into the first place because if the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions could come out in time, it is given that PC architecture is not much different from these two.

New Features to Be Shown

Rockstar has asked fans to stay tuned because they will be revealing all the new features they have planned for GTA 5 PC as well as other next gen platforms. According to the statement, more information and features will be shown in the upcoming weeks. The game is definitely going to be good looking on all new platforms because it will be running on much sophisticated hardware now. However, the delay isn’t properly justified because the promised features including draw distance, increased pedestrians, wildlife and everything else is coming to PS4 and Xbox One consoles as well. The video editor is the only exclusive feature for PC but with so many months to go, we hope it would be well worth the wait.




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