GTA 5 Car Mods Found In Xbox One and PS4 Trailer

One just can’t confirm a lot of details by simply going through a trailer but some studios fans have found greenish neon under glow in the GTA 5 Playstation 4 and Xbox One trailer.

It has been speculated that cars will be fully customizable once the game gets released. We know for sure that Rockstar is hardly going to support such ideas but it will be fans who will come up with modifications to get the job done. They have already created a dedicated forum where the discussions on how to bring this mod to the new generation consoles are going on at a brisk pace. The information was revealed in the E3 trailer and we haven’t received any new videos so far related to the game.

As usual, Rockstar just loves to keep their fans in the dark until the last date. According to this fan who found the glow in the video, it was a light that came from the front and rear of the car. The community now assumes that it could be none other than the neon lights and the game will support such modifications on launch. There are a few who claim this information to be wrong and it could be a light source from any other object. We are not sure but to believe those who talk about car customization because the idea sounds more likely.

It’s Time to Get Customization

Rockstar has created a really huge world for GTA 5 but it is high time they add some customizations to the game. Such additions are being only as mods so far and the company never officially supported them. However, for the first time they have started supporting user created missions for GTA Online and at this rate, they should also add more customization options to the game. While characters have so many nice changes to be made, if cars have the same, the game would be much more open ended and would offer endless hours of fun for the gamers.

One ardent fan has already created a script that would allow car mods to be added to the Grand Theft Auto Online missions. Another player post made in the forum claims that it will even allow you to change your roof tops, paint jobs, hydraulics among other parts. A lot of speculation has surrounded the game because it’s been many months since it originally got released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. There is no specific release date yet but we assume that it will come out before the end of 2014.

PC Version Issues

A lot of rumors have been surrounding GTA 5 because of Rockstar’s silence. Someone from a marketing firm claimed that the company was in no mood to bring the Grand Theft Auto game to computers. They were worried about the piracy issues as well as the lack of sales on PCs. It was rumored that GTA 5 for PC will be cancelled but in an official forum it was confirmed that no such proposition exists. The Rockstar representative confirmed that it is coming to all platforms in the Fall.

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