GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Specs and Features Overview

The smaller and lighter GoPro Hero 3+ is the best way to capture all your meaningful experiences. It is lighter and 20 percent smaller than the previous models. It offers improved image quality and the latest powerful features are geared for convenience and versatility. It comes with a new video, which captures the most impressive wide angle images, while the Auto Low Light mode adjusts the frame rate for great low-light performance. The new black edition GoPro Hero 3+ comes with an advanced battery life, 4x fast Wi-Fi, sharper lens, and has compatibility with all the accessories and GoPro mounts. This edition is so far the most advanced GoPro device.

Here is a list of all the features embedded in the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition:

Lightest and Smallest

This new edition is 20 percent smaller and also lighter when compared to the previous models and is also compatible with all the accessories and the mounts offered by GoPro. This makes the device as the most wearable, mountable, and versatile Gopro ever.

Powerful Picture Capture

The Black Edition HERO3+ captures excellent 12 MP stills on 30 frames per second basis, which is perfect for fast-action sequence. Also, the Time Lapse mode allows photo capture at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 sec intervals. The continuous full resolution photo shoots can be done at steady 3, 5 or 10 frames per sec while holding the shutter button.

Latest SuperView

The model comes with a SuperView, which is a video mode that can capture the best wide angle perspective. It lets you to click more of your surroundings and yourself during the shot.

Sharper Images with Minimum Distortion

With this latest Black edition GoPro Hero3+, a crisper and clear footage can be enjoyed with minimum distortion. The device boasts nearly 33 percent increase in the image sharpening. And all that is because of the sharper lens and also two times reduction in the imaging artifacts.

Better Audio

The quality of sound is equally important as that of the image quality. The device offers an upgraded audio performance, which can capture even the most subtle sounds. It is embedded with an advanced wind-noise reduction technology that lets the user to record the audio and video with least disturbance in any condition and makes its suitable for all kinds of high-speed activities.

Easy Controlling

The GoPro Application makes it very easy to control your camera and allows the user to do so much more with their GoPro content. The user can achieve full control of all the camera functionalities. He/she can also see the live previewing of what the camera sees with more ease. Playing video and also sharing them with friends via text, email, Facebook or Twitter is effortless.

All these features make the latest Black Edition GoPro Hero3+ very convenient to capture all the exciting and adventurous experiences. It is small, convenient, and easy to carry.

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