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Travelling to new and unexplored destinations a few decades back, required the collective minds of many friends and siblings in terms of the route to be taken and the time of travel.

After Google; the powerful search engine launched their Google Maps, it has become far than easy to find even the remotest of places ever! The days of Route Guides are gone – Google Maps has taken over the routing phenomenon and has made it a traveler’s go-to for every travel need.

So, when Google Maps has so much to offer in terms of discovering a place/route, what more does it have unexplored, like most of the Google Apps do? Let’s take a look at those interesting and ‘not-much-know-of’ features in Google Maps in this article.

Zero-in to Trace Your Location

Every time it is impossible to trace a route by entering the current address/street you are standing in. Google Maps gives you the ‘zero-in’ feature here. All you have to do is, use Google’s ‘My Location’àclick on 0 and you’ll find the place you are in, in a blue dotted circle. Now tracing the new route from where you are, will be very simple. All you did is, just punched in zero and the place you are in just got traced, isn’t that wonderful now?

No Internet, No Worries

If you have been driving long on a thrilling journey and you feel you will lose out on the GPS in a while in some covered forest, you can always search for your route just before reaching the ‘unreachable’ area, and get a screenshot of your route map captured on your phone. Now, you don’t have to worry even if you lose out on connection; you already have the route in front of you. Still better, you can download the map. Here’s how you do it: While you are connected to the internet, zoom in and fix the map on the part you want to copyà type ‘OK Maps’ in the search boxà you will receive a confirmation message at the bottom of your phone screen/GPS navigator screen – ‘The on-screen map has been cached’. Saving might take a little time if there are complicated routes and bends; patience matters.

Get Directions on Air

Did you think that Google Maps will just assist you to find the roadway directions? You were just wrong about it – yes, using the Google Maps desktop version, you can search for flights. Just like how you fill up your starting place and destination for the roadway navigation, fill up your starting place and place of destination and click on the option ‘See results on Google Flights’. If this option does not display, click on the three dotted buttons on the toolbar. Clicking this option will let you see the list of available flights, prices, times, airline brand etc. You can also look at comparative price quotes that different airlines have to offer you. Why would you want to hog on other travel sites, while Google can fulfill your need by itself?



Ask Google about your Vacation Spots

When you are not sure of where to go for holidaying and want a wise mind’s suggestion, seek Google’s. Google Maps can recommend some of the major tourist attraction places to you. Here’s how you find the holidaying spot: type ‘*’ in the search fieldà see Google showing certain major tourist places in the viewable portion of the map. You can get to see a list of amusement parks, monuments, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, famous locales for hanging around etc. Now planning your vacation with expert assistance makes it sound even better!!

So, with all these interesting features that Google Maps has to offer you, planning and ‘going around the world in 80 days’ sounds very much possible, don’t you agree!?

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