Google Chrome’s “Unable To Connect” Page Has A T-Rex Game

Did you recently have a chance to see your internet annoy you and not get connected on the Google Chrome browser?

When your Wi-Fi drops or when your internet doesn’t get you to the web page as intended, the browser displays the ‘unable to connect to the internet’ page. That’s very common, but Google has decided to make it as less annoying as possible by incorporating a game into it.

When the internet is not connected, on your Google Chrome canary which is the latest version of the browser, you will be allowed to play an endless runner game. What’s more interesting about it? You ask us! Don’t you play an adventure Harry or a minion but rather be a T-Rex which is going on an endless run? That’s something new which we never expected to see.

Chrome’s Official Dinosaur

You may have seen this dinosaur, the T-Rex, on multiple occasions within the browser. It shows up earlier as a static icon when your browser couldn’t connect to the internet. Now, he has been promoted to be the hero of an endless runner game. If you think, you can start Google Chrome any time and play this game whenever you wish, you are completely wrong. The developers have ensured that it is available only when you couldn’t actually connect to the internet. There are no other links or web pages that allow you to play this new game at your desired time.

The objective of this game is very simple. The T-Rex will be running on a desert region where your only objective is to make sure you don’t hit the group of cactus when it passes. As soon as you hit one of them, it is game over and the refresh icon will put you back at the start line. All your high scores and stats are recorded. It will be there until you close your browser, rather than trying to sync it with your Google account.

An Innovative Idea

The game is amusing and looks cute. It was created by Francois Beaufort as part of a project. He said, “We have a brand new error page which has just been exclusively added to the latest version of chromium and when you don’t have the internet, the T-Rex will be there to give you company”.

Google Chrome Canary is the newest browser with a whole lot of new features deployed primarily for developers and early adopters.


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