Google Chrome – There’s a Lot to Learn from the Chronic Chrome

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Google Chrome offers you with a plethora of unexplored features and is loaded with goodness.

Once you explore it, you might not find words to thank Google for giving you almost everything via this packet called Google Chrome. This article will help you figure out some features that you never knew existed and can come handy.

Gain Knowledge Offline

If you have just been through a page which you found very informative and useful and you fear you might miss out reading the in-depth info in the page or might miss out the internet connectivity in a while; then Google saves the worry for you.

You can always save that particular web page as PDF on your desktop or any other easy-to-access folder to read through the info while you are not connected to the internet or want to learn something in your free time.

You could use this handy feature even while you’re flying, because you cannot access the internet while you are in the air. Google brings you the best way to pass your time in the most effective manner-don’t you feel so!

Keyboard Expert, is that you?

Do you wear a golden crown at your workplace for not touching your mouse, but finishing everything at the control of your keyboard? Google hasn’t forgotten to satisfy you as well. You can learn all the keyboard shortcuts that can help you operate Google Chrome at your fingertips.

You can refer to these keyboard shortcuts on this link: chrome://extensions and then scroll down to the bottom on this link to find keyboard shortcuts.

Installing Unapproved Extensions is Okay with Google

You must have noted that Google Chrome doesn’t allow you to add extensions which are not listed on the Google Chrome Store. However, you can still go ahead and install those useful extensions on your Google Chrome browser and here’s how:

Open the extensions page on Google Chromeà Turn the Developer mode onà Drag and drop those useful extensions into your browser and you’ll be done!

Speed is the Word for Chrome

It is natural for any browser to upset you with its ‘still loading’ and ‘not responding’ screens while you’ve been using it extensively. The only option you’ll be left with is to restart your browser or in the worst cases, restart your machine in the middle of all those chaos!

Google Chrome has waded away that chaos for you. You can go around fixing the slowness issues like this: Go to ToolsàClick on Task ManageràSort the list by memoryàSelect websites you often useàClick End. You will face no more slowness in loading issues!!

The Three-Button Formula

Many of us have forgotten that our mouse has 3 buttons and we use only 2 out of it, while the 3rd is not a much used feature. Well, in Google Chrome, you can put all the three to use; especially the middle one.

Clicking in the middle of web pages will open up those screens on a new tab. When you’ve been reading through a series or a continuous story, this feature will help you a lot to know on associated information. Also, you don’t have to click on the close icon to close a window; you can use the middle click on the tiles to do this.

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