Google Android Wear – Features and Things You Should Know

For a while, the whole smart watch game was all about Pebble. Now, Android wear is the in-thing and it has taken over the whole smart watch game. Here is a closer look at the Google Android wear.

The entire point of smart watches is to give you information at a glance. The Android wear smart watch does this by giving you Google Now cards and your phone’s notifications on your wrist. So, all apps that have notifications like messages and emails will show on our wrist. The way you navigate through all these is via swipes. It has all been laid out in cards UI and basically all notifications that were expandable on your phone are expandable on your watch too.

Information and Different Watch Faces

With this smart watch, you can get more information like on Google Now weather card, while on other occasions you can take action like pause or play music or archive and email. Your watch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. So your phone and watch talk to each other seamlessly and really fast so, when you dismiss a notification on your watch for example, it also gets dismissed on your phone immediately.

On top of all that, it also comes with customizable watch faces. The different watch-faces vary from watch to watch so you get a different face of the watch, depending on the model you choose. Basically, this watch lights up when you get a new notification or when you activate it yourself.

The Internals

It has its own full-fledged operating system so it also has some stand-alone features too. Most of these features can be voice activated and has a microphone for this. For example, if you say “take a note” it will write down everything you say in Google Keep. Next, you have the reminder that allows you to set an alarm to remind you to do something, send an email or text to any of your contacts. You also have your agenda for your day in Google Calendar and you can navigate to a nearby place or location by telling it to do so. You can also set a timer, start a stop-watch, set an alarm or even show all the alarms you have set.

The 3rd Party App

You can also start a 3rd party app. This smart watch comes with several third-party apps built-in so you can call out one of the apps and it will launch immediately. There are also several third-party apps available in the App store and are compatible with this Android Wear. You can actually start and use these apps right from your watch, without taking your phone out of the pocket.

Even though it may seem somewhat awkward and geeky to start talking to your watch, this watch does work very well. Swiping motions are also easy to get used to, as they are also fast. This watch also has a quick swipe-down gesture from the top; so if you do not want distractions, you can just silence all the notifications until you un-mute them. As for the battery life, this device will need a daily recharge with regular use.

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