Getting Used To The New iPhone 6/6 Plus – Switching From Another Device

If you are a brand new iPhone user, or if you had an iPhone before,  but now graduated to the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you might want to check out these tips. These are things you can do if you feel lost when trying to find a way to transfer your data from the old phone to the new one. Also, the battery experience might differ, so there might be some things you want to look into.

Transfer data from an old iPhone to the new one

Data transfer and file backup is very easy if you are crossing over to the new iPhone 6 series, and your previous device was also an iPhone. Syncing through iTunes is easy and it will pretty much do it as far as data transfer goes. As for backing up, you can either restore the backup on the new phone while in the setup phase, or use iTunes once again if you have iOS5 or above. For those who do, iCloud is another option.

Coming from a different platform

If you’ve switched over to the new iPhone 6 from a totally different system, such as Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS, there is a guide for first iPhone users that Apple offers to help those in your situation.

Macworld reports that is shoud be rather easy to transfer your contacts, mails and calendars over to the iPhone 6 if you have a POP or IMAP-based account. Gmail accounts will do just fine. The information from these type of account are synced to the central server and from there can be synced with any other device. If you’re using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Aol, or Microsoft Exchange, you can benefit from Apple’s automatic setup. You can also go ahead and create POP and IMAP accounts for CardDAV and CalDav. The latter will handle your calendars, while the former is for contacts.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Battery Life Tips

You can see exactly how much battery every apps consumes on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, by going to the phone’s Settings, then accessing the General section. Here, within the Usage menu, there will be a Battery Usage option available, so go ahead and access that.

You should know from the start that Background App Refresh is a major consumers when it comes to your phone’s battery life. It has its own  section under General, inside your Settings, and you should head over to disable it, to significantly improve your battery life. Another similar battery drainer is option regarding Location Services. You can turn this one off by consulting the Privacy section of your Settings.

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