Free Calls and Texts with Viber – It’s High Time You Download and Make the Most of It

Currently, the world is going through a phase where the internet is considered to be a very powerful mode of communication.

Today, a vast majority of everyday communication between people take place over the internet. VoIP and Chat messengers have become very popular among people due to the expansion of internet services and an increase in the use of Smartphone devices. This has also led to the development of a large number of applications that can be used for the purpose. Viber is one such application which is used by more than 20,000,000 people across the globe, and the number keeps climbing with each passing day.

What are the Benefits Offered by the Application?

Installing the application on a Smartphone means that the user can make phone calls and send messages in the textual form, completely free of cost. Well, technically it is not completely free of cost because the user will have to pay for internet services on the Smartphone device, but making the calls or sending the texts using Viber do not cost a dime. However, the user must have a very high speed internet service on the Smartphone device. Furthermore, free calls and texts can only be made to other Smartphone devices that have the application installed in them. Without the application installed in both devices and a high speed internet service on both of them, the application will not work. Even if it does, the services would not be clear and proper.

What Kind of Devices will the Application Work on?

In today’s world, every second person on the surface of the Earth has a Smartphone, and more and more people are buying the devices every single day. These Smartphone devices usually have one of the four big operating systems- Android, IOS, Blackberry OS and the recently introduced Window OS. Well, the good news is that Viber works on each of these platforms! Hence, it can be said that any device being run on these operating systems will support the application. There are plenty of other operating systems as well that the application works on, but there are also a few operating systems that do not support the application. It can also be said the application developers have not yet been able to come up with a version that works on those platforms.

Can This Application Be Made to Call Phones that Do Not Have the Application Installed?

Well, most certainly it can! Viber can certainly be used to make calls and also send text messages to phones that do not have the application. However, in this case, the user would have to purchase phone and message credits from the VoIP client. These credits can be purchased off the website of the application. Furthermore, the application can also be used to make international calls. In case the phone receiving the call has also Viber installed in it, it would not cost either party any money. Otherwise, phone credits can certainly be used to make the international call or send the message. It is still cheaper than other services!

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