Free Antivirus – Give that Power Shield for your Computer’s Immunity

Human’s super brain – the computer, has made it possible to make moles out of a hill. Nothing exaggerating, but this super man-made machine has taken into control; world’s majority of the operations.

And, it is obvious that a huge power always has oppositions and oppositely acting elements to fight against. In the case of computers, those anti-social elements happen to be the virus and malware against which fighting can be strenuous. Here comes the role of the anti-virus; just like the security guards and black cats who do the security jobs for the super power, while the super power is busy with amending the world for better.

The concept of anti-virus software came into existence and thrives for a very long time now. With so many anti-virus software available out there in the market, and with each one of them claiming to do the best fighting job ever, it is apparently difficult to choose the best one for the super machine in your house/office. Here’s a list of 5 best anti-virus software that most people prefer going in for. Hope this list helps you narrow down your choices and select a good one for your computer.

Avast! – Operates ‘On Cloud’

Avast claims to offer protection shields, boot-time scanning, script malware protection, a behavioral blocker, an internet site ratings plugin, and access to cloud-based protection. Its script malware can very effectively protect browser exploits, a feature that is not offered by other software market players.

You can download this super-protector as a trial pack for 30 days, and then choose to own it or not. However, once you register for this software for your machine, it installs to your Chrome browser as a plugin. Until you uncheck to have it on your browser, it will lend its helping hand to you.

AVG – the Average User’s Choice

If you are an average internet user, then AVG should be your choice. Though it comes along with a lot of advertisements which will get displayed when it is run, you can always choose to disable them. It can be a decent choice for those who use the computer averagely.

Comodo – Makes Protection Simple

Again, if you are an intermediate computer user, you should consider Comodo as one of your top choices. Though it will ask you for inputs time and again, filling them out and getting done with them should not be a problem at all; of course it will prove to be a little nerve-biting for fuzzy users. It is well-known for protecting your computer of 100% real-world threats. This anti-virus uses the on the cloud feature to detect a malware that is in the air. Expect behavioral blockers from this anti-virus software.

FortiClient – Fortify your Protection

The FortiClient anti – virus does the web filtering, firewall, parental control and optimization and is powerful software for business users. This is more of to-go software for office use and ‘threat management’ is made easy with FotiClient. One of its best features is that setting it up on your computer is really easy than any other anti-virus, considering that the inputs asked for are very simple and minimal.

Amiti – For the Organized Lot

If you are an organized person, then Amiti will be your choice. Its settings and options are arranged and organized on the left corner of the program and is very easy to identify. Apart from this, it supports 4 scan types with one that checks and filters out the virus in currently running programs.


No matter which anti-virus software you want to go in for, it is more important to choose one which will match your need; example, commercial use or individual use; average user or frequent user, etc. All that being said and stated, do remember that anti-virus software is very essential for your computer to fight against those infectious and dangerous pests out there. So choosing one anti-virus becomes a must.




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