Free 2014 Android Games for Your Latest Phone

Android gaming has become very popular nowadays and the plethora of games available on the android store give an opportunity to people from all genres and walks of life to play the game of their choice.

Game developers and android programmers design and upload android specific versions of major games and more innovative ones in order to reach out to a wider population that uses smartphones as compared to computers for their daily works including gaming. Some of the major free 2014 android games have been mentioned below that can be a part of your latest Android phone anytime.

Experience Thrill with Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft has put in everything in order to make its eighth version of Asphalt stand out from the rest of the racing games. Players can now stay in the air for longer periods and perform stunts and actions. Various modes are available for play besides the normal race mode and players can upgrade vehicles and choose new ones, as they see fit. The competition can also be taken online at the click of a button and the battle on the roads becomes even tougher and challenging. The game is a sure winner when it comes to driving at breakneck speeds in extreme and challenging tracks.

Action and Shooting Fun with Dead Trigger 2

First person shooting has received a great push thanks to the game Dead Trigger 2. The game is played by using an auto focus for shooting the zombies that are present throughout the game. In addition, it includes a crafting system where your assistant builds exotic weaponry and stuffs for you, which usually takes time but is great to play with. Proper events and missions let players confront different situations in various parts of the game.

A Great Role Play Game – Dungeon Hunter 4

The game is one of the best RPG games available in the market where players can gather loot, make strikes on camps and get more gear. It is a hack and slash game where the players are at liberty to loot and plunder camps and collect the loot. Single player mode eventually gives way to cooperative playing in the online mode and some premium option for upgrades allow you to get the best gear and equipment.

Fight in the Universe with Galaxy on Fire 2

This is another Role Playing Game set in the backdrop of a vast and beautiful universe, full of stars, asteroids and whole galaxies. Players have to make their way through it, raiding space pirates, amassing wealth, plundering some places and even mining asteroids. The story line is engaging and a whole lot of upgrades are available for the ship which makes the whole look very enjoyable. The game stands out for the sci-fi fans.

A Simple Past Time – Dots

Dots is a simple game that can be enjoyed by a person of any age. Players have to connect similar colored dots and in limited moves, getting brownie points for crossing loops.

These are some of the most entertaining free android games of 2014 to get you going.


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