FIFA 15 Demo – A Quick Review of the Greatest Ever Soccer Game

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The FIFA 15 demo from Electronic Arts is officially out; but we know that not every one of you love to play game demos.

Surprisingly, this little teaser to the original game is highly addictive and promises a lot in the coming months. One of the biggest changes that the game developers have introduced is a tighter, new game play, which makes it sound like an all-new game. A lot of minor changes have been made to the title which you may not notice instantly but when you do so, you will be surprised with the attention to detail that the developers have given.

PS4/Xbox One Version

The demo that we had our hands on, was on the new generation consoles. It was definitely worth the upgrade, because the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 may not have the raw power to render the game in such smooth detail. Make sure you play it on these consoles to experience the ultimate changes that EA has made or you can always go for it on the PC, if you please. There have been plenty of changes in the game, especially the controls. The players move tighter than ever and it is much more reliable than FIFA 14 was. You can actually feel the ball and the players move close together in one knot in FIFA 15.

Better Handling and Shots

Through balls had always been an issue with most games, it has finally got its fix in FIFA 15. If a defender is right in front of you and there’s a small green space to make the pass, your player will automatically dink the through ball so that he could get it to the opponent without fail. The change finally stopped annoying me because in the past, every shot that I make will magically be defended by a defender who comes out of nowhere to stop the ball. It usually stops a lot of goal attempts and forces players to retry the whole event from the middle line.

FIFA 15 is a visually impressive game without a doubt and it looks even better on the latest hardware. The players move with a touch of accuracy, their shirts, face and everything else resemble their real counterparts. However, we can see that there is room for improvement if the developer decides to. It’s no big deal to delay the game for a two year release rather than pushing the same game out every time. Nevertheless, FIFA 15 is a great soccer game to look forward to.


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