Download Viber and Keep Track Of Your Messages and Calls All of Them

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Here you can clarify how you can monitor all your messages and calls that you received and sent via Viber. This method works on both tablet and smartphones.

There are so many new messenger and chat apps launched lately and so it’s difficult to keep with all the releases.

An amazing his kind of app is Viber, which is downloadable for almost any device such as smartphone, tablet, iPad, and even on PC. It basically enables the user to make voice calls and send messages using an Internet connection, whether it is from a mobile data or a Wi-Fi. This service is absolutely free as long both the communicators are using Viber.

Also, this app can be downloaded for free. There exists more similar apps for chatting and messaging, but Viber app is one of the most popular and fastest rising.

Here you will learn about monitoring your phone with the help of spy software. Any of the spy programs with modest quality enable you to monitor constant text messages and register all you received and made calls. These are justly regular features of all programs.

If a person has an extensive use of apps like Viber, a big part of messages and calls are going to stay hidden. When one is using Viber for chatting and calls most spy programs will not respond to them and you will not be able to see what they are up to.

The best spy programs out there have been progressing in resolving this matter and now the users are able to monitor their entire activity on the Viber app.

Actually, this type of technology is very new and monitoring Viber can be done only with a few programs that are avialable at this moment. You can monitor Viber only on iOS and Android devices, smartphones and tablets.

The most important conditions are for Android gadgets to be rooted and for iOS devices to be jailbroken.

Which is the best spy software right now?

We would recommend to you only two spy programs, namely Mspy and StealthGenie. Other great spy software available is FlexiSpy, but it is too expensive and MobileSpy will be soon available for Viber.

With these monitoring systems you will be able to see the contents of all messages received or sent via Viber, also timestamps and dates for both calls and text messages, and the last but not least the capability to view call logs, including calls duration and details about the phone numbers.

When we were testing the software, Mspy and StealthGenie, both appeared to do their job well. StealthGenie was the first program that launched this feature, so is likely that they have the point in terms of removing any primary problems.

You should not make a decision and pick the program based only on Viber monitoring, you should evaluate the program in general and see if it suit your own needs.

When you analyze the Viber monitoring of these two mentioned programs there will not be a big difference between them, both works very well.


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