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Google Chrome can be title as the most fastest and favored by people web browser available in the entire world. Google Chrome provides a neat user interface and it simply sync with your devices, phones and tablets. Nevertheless, this web browser also has advantage from many useful extensions that can be easily found on the Chrome Web Store. Here you can learn more about the best extensions and also best applications for Google Chrome for making your browsing much simpler. Our suggestion for you is to install only the Chrome extensions that are perfectly suitable for your requirements.

  1. AdBlock Plus

ABP is one of the most preferred and beloved ad-blockers out on the Internet. This extension helps you to obstruct dubious online ads.  ABP is easy to set-up, it provides fast loading and it comes with filtering options that enables the user to simply block most online advertisements, along with the capability of filtering malware likewise the social media buttons. Smart usage you can customize your AdBlock, picking more block lists, for obstruct most of the online ads.  ABP allows some non-intrusive advertisements that may disturb some users, though you can simply disable it form settings.

  1. Personal Blocklist

Personal Blocklist is one of the best and simpler extensions for Google Chrome that enables the user to manually stop webpages that appeared in results of you search on your browser. This useful extension help you filter or obstruct spams and other dubious links, and blocking useless hosts and also all the websites that you want to be blocked. Your list of blocks is also sent to Google for making better their searches. Also, users are able to visualize their list easily, and if they have some accidentally blocks from the past they can unblock the sites.

  1. Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is a small extension for Chrome but very useful, especially for the photographers, because it lets you to zoom in an image that you hover on. You can simply browse through photo galleries and move the cursor over the thumbnail to visualize the full sized photo. You won’t have to open the photos with new tabs or to wait for webpages to load, anymore. Also, the large images are automatically resized to adjust to your display. It functions on many websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Flickr, Tumblr, Amazon etc.

  1. Extensity

Extensity is as a manager for your browser that is available in the upper right of the toolbar.  It is considered to be a great tool for running your browser very fast. It is very handy when you have already too many extensions or applications installed because the Extensity lets you to enable the apps when you want to use them, or easily disable them for getting a faster surfing on the web. Click on the Extensity button and it will show a menu listing all your extensions and applications on Google Chrome. You can select on an extensions if you want them to be enabled or disabled.

  1. TooManyTabs

When you are browsing the web and you open many tabs in one window it could be very difficult to see all the titles of your tabs. TooManyTabs is a Chrome extension that offers a substitute tab management UI, displaying all your opened websites as thumbnails for a much easier surfing.

  1. Awesome Screenshot

This extension offers tools that let you to capture and add notes on some portions of a website easily. The taken screenshots are saved instantly in your PC or on the following website: for a faster sharing. You are able to shoot the entire webpage or any portion of it simply and save the image in a 2 MB format or even more.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

This extension enables users to access to other user’s PC or let another user to access your PC easily and safely online. You can allow a short time for others accessing your computer online, or a long time for remote access to files or apps. This extension is easy to install and use a remote desktop; some of the users have the supplementary tools or software such as Team viewer or windows desktop sharing for this remote. But now you are able to do this desktop sharing simply just from Google Chrome.

  1. GetPocket

GetPocket is the best extension for yourself if you regularly view some exciting pages that don’t have the time to read them. With just a click on the GetPocket that is in the right corner of the browser and it will save your desired page so you can read it later. This Google Chrome extension is great for bloggers; with this offline reading application they can simply save any articles with photos and videos for visualize them later. Additionally, another great thing it is that the extension is available for the phone version of Google Chrome, as well.


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