Does Apple’s iPhone 6 Promises a Big Leap for the Smartphone Market?

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Packing some of Apple’s greatest software innovations, the brand’s new flagship model, the iPhone 6, is all set to vie with its Android contenders with more power, new software tricks, and bigger screen, but does it promise a big leap for the smartphone market? Here’s a speculative view on what the new Apple product is likely to achieve in today’s smartphone market.

While big Android smartphone players like Sony, Samsung, HTC, and LG are surfing on the store shelves with their progressively growing screen size, faster processors, bigger cameras, and longer lasting batteries, Apple is still refusing to enter the race, hopping on very slowly from 3.5-inch to iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen. It’s just now that it has just touched the 4.7-inch screen mark with the new iPhone 6.

The specifications of this 6th generation iPhone are good enough to compete with its rivals with features like iOS 8, A8 brain, bigger battery, improved storage capabilities, enhanced Wi-Fi and LTE speeds, and NFC Apple Pay mobile wallet (the new potentially ground-breaking payment system powered by NFC that transforms the phone into a credit card) besides its industrial design and apps. With all these also comes the promise of being the best iPhone till date!

Being easy to handle, its plentiful features are adequate to satisfy all smartphone users. Its promise of offering Apple Pay in the near future possibly sweetens the deal even more. It’s certainly a true looker with deeply attractive and astonishingly slim build. In spite of its bigger size, it feels good to be held in hand with the best screen any iPhone ever had. Offered in various beautiful colors, the new iPhone is anticipated to perform great in the market in the coming days. It also integrates the best battery that iPhones have ever had, with the battery life extending well for almost 2 days.

With all the improvements that it comes with, the new iPhone is sure to cost quite higher than its predecessors. This increase in price is justified by the bigger display, improved Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, and GPS chips. Nevertheless, Apple is hoping to achieve its highest iPhone sales in 4 years and hike the average selling prices of iPhone in addition to accomplishing a year-over-year revenue growth of 14%.

Will Apple be able to attain its target sales and make a big leap for something that’s not a mega-screened phablet? There are even more NOTs in this list- the iPhone 6 is not a phone with the best megapixels; its display does not have 2K-pixels; it’s not even the most long lasting phone. Finally, there are many better Androids that beat the iPhone in these aspects.

Let’s wait to discover if the realism lives up to Apple’s dreams. With the new iPhone 6’s fresh form factor, Apple might just pull of the trick and assure a giant leap for the smartphone market.

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