Destiny Makes $325 Million in First Five Days, Activision Boasts

Destiny is a huge game that had so much of hype even before it officially was released.

No one can complain because it is good, without a doubt, but there are far too many bugs and glitches which hinders the game play experience. However, Activision is a good seller and great with marketing as we already know it.

They have managed to convince the entire crowd that this game is awesome which is why we assume it made an exceptional $325 million in just five days, since its release. The money made not only counts to the number of copies sold but also the in-game items that players have purchased using real currency. The company has officially released a statement to show off their success and it revealed the income they have made so far.

Internal Estimates from Activision

In an official statement, the company revealed that Destiny has made over $325 million worth of products in the first five days. Their statement reads, “The statistics have been provided based on the Chart Track first parties, retail customer and Activision Blizzard internal estimates.” As a matter of fact, we can’t blindly assume every sale and income based on this statement which could be really vague and may not provide the actual numbers we are looking for.

Another statement released by Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg had a similar claim. He said, “Within a short period, Destiny fans have spent over 100 million hours into the game and everything happened in a week since its release. The result is surprising because this kind of game play hours has earlier been witnessed only with a huge franchise like Call of Duty which is an industry leader. We assume that the new game has already achieved such level of fame and patronage.”

He proudly added that millions of gamers are already addicted to Destiny and just can’t put their controllers down because they are addicted to the engagement level found in the game. The game as a platform will grow as more players join the community and that the team will work with Bungie to make sure a long line of new experiences as well as new content is added to the game at regular intervals.

Activision and Bungie have signed a 10-year deal for Destiny and we assume it is going to be a really long franchise where they expect more players to come on-board soon.


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