Destiny is the Most Streamed Game on Twitch

Destiny has already broken so many streaming records on Twitch and is going on to set an all-time record that will take a long time for another title to break it.

All these records were actually smashed within the first week since the game got released which is a massive achievement for developers Bungie and Activision, the publishers of the game. When the title was released, large shares of Twitch population tuned into the website to stream and watch the game. No other console game received a record in 2014 so far.

Streaming Records

Bungie recently released a sales record that stated that Destiny has sold so much in such a short time and it looks like the game managed to make an entire group of people watch it as well on Twitch. Marketing executive of the game streaming website, Matthew DiPietro said, “We have a really huge passionate community of broadcasters who managed to stream the game and attracted over 5 million unique viewers within the first week of the game’s release. We are really glad to be part of this huge success and look forward to break more such records by entertaining our viewers.”

Statistics Claim Exorbitant Minutes

According to the official statistics, Destiny and its related content easily attracted over 20 million unique views. Twitch also had a staggering amount of information to share about this. The website broadcasted over 240 million minutes of game play of the game to their viewers that the company describes as nothing short of amazing.

The game officially launched on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in a September first week and has gained a phenomenal response within a short period. While the big franchise Grand Theft Auto made a massive $800 million on day one, Destiny was not far behind. The title made by Bungie and published by Activision made a huge $325 million in review within the first five days that is huge because it is the first ever launch of the game.

Destiny has also been declared as the biggest video game launch in history, according to Activision sale records. The year had already seen the launch of two big IPs, the first one being Watch Dogs from Ubisoft that made exceptional records and Destiny follows the same suit going on a great run already. We will bring you more news from the game as it pops up.


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