Destiny Is A Never Ending Game, Says Bungie

Bungie is confident about their huge open world first person shooter that they say players will never be able to finish Destiny because they have created such a massive game that offers unlimited hours of game play.

“Until you have kicked every ass that plays this game, you can never say that you have completed it,” said the company in a recent interview. From what they say, we can see the potential of the game and assume that it is going to be really huge without a doubt.

The message was relayed to us by their community manager David ‘Deej’ who went public through Google hangouts as part of a Best Buy promotion. He said that he may not be able to give a specific estimate for the hours of game play that it would offer but said that, players are highly unlikely to finish the game anytime soon. If you ever do, then that would be the end that we planned.

Dozens of Hours in Beta

Speaking more about Destiny during the meet, Deej said, “When we launched the beta, we saw dozens of hours being recorded in the game. It was surprising to see people enjoying it so much within the beta itself and we understood that the game had a lot of potential when it comes to the final version. They got to play just one destination.” He added that there are different planets to explore in the game and all of them will be stitched together with a new technology that would allow players to seamlessly transform from one area to another.

“They offer a lot of things to do right from being able to drive your own vehicle to indoor dungeon type spaces where you can see through the bones of a civilization that got shattered in the past. It’s going to be a unique experience filled with plenty of surprises and new worlds to explore.”

Different Planets

Destiny offers different planets to explore including Earth, Mars, Venus and Moon. Even though, the number sounds only four, the developers say that it is going to be a cluster of different missions, objectives and layers bundled together. Whenever you complete an objective, there will be scope to indulge in a new one. The place will keep changing dynamically which will offer an all new experience even though you will be visiting the same place. “If you are just a speed runner, you can keep moving from one story mission to another as the Strikes will be adding an additional level of complexity to the game,” said Deej.

In the upcoming Pax Prime event, Deej confirmed that Bungie is going to provide more updates and post release plan for Destiny. The team has been gearing up to support the game as much as possible and every update related to the same will be shared during the Pax Prime panel. “We have a lot of exciting announcements to make and if you want to stay tuned to know what Destiny has to offer, make sure to tune into Pax,” he added.


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