Dead Rising 3 PC Review – Kill Zombies with Galore of Weapons

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Dead Rising 3 PC edition is definitely a title that looks really good in terms of graphics.

However, you need a mammoth gaming rig to handle the game at ultra-settings because it was originally made for the Xbox One platform and has now found its way to PCs because of the lack of sales. The game is fun and addictive without a doubt because no other title would offer you so many zombies to kill. You start off in a fictional city Los Perdidos, which is named after the original Los Angeles.

It is still a surprise that the game developers always love to create havoc in LA because Rockstar did the same with Los Santos in their GTA 5. So, you begin your day in a city where an uncountable number of zombies exist and everything in sight has to be killed. You may come across real humans who are not infected yet but it is only once in a while and there is no need to be too careful about your moves. With over 300 weapons to choose from, it’s no wonder you are going to enjoy it to the core if you love to tear some zombie blood and kill those undead over and over.

Unlimited Weapons Choice

Ok. It’s not unlimited because there is actually a limit to everything but in Dead Rising 3 PC edition, you get to strap any object you find and make it into a deadly weapon. The main character Nick Ramos is a mechanic and it is his profession to bundle things together. When you have a professional who has access to a wide choice of amazing guns, baseball bats and even a steam roller, it’s time to kill without thinking twice. Ramos is trapped in this city which is going to be bombed by the government in five days.

The objective is to find some survivors and escape without being blown to pieces. But, surprisingly the five days are really long that you can complete side quests, find more weapons and collect stuff at your own pace. One of the biggest additions to the game is its weapon choice. Everything that you pick up feels new. You can add a chainsaw to a bat, bundle a sword with a mini gun and so on. It is purely based on how crazy you can get with your ideas. There are plenty of open spaces where a huge number of zombies will swarm to kill you but with an arsenal at your disposal, it’s easy to face them.

Fun – All That Matters

When you begin Dead Rising 3 PC edition, just prepare to have the most fun filled time you ever experienced. It is silly, plain and doesn’t have strong missions. The game is all about killing zombies. The only drawback is that it is not resource friendly and is locked at 30 FPS which is annoying for most PC gamers. You need a high powered PC or lower the graphic settings. Teaming up with a friend for two player co-op is even more addictive.

Rating – 7/10

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