Command and Conquer: A Number of Series to Keep You Engaged

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As the name of the game puts it very frankly, Command and Conquer is a real time strategy game franchise that has successfully captivated gamers around the world.

Ever since the release of its first installment, the franchise has developed and released many different series of games, in various installments and all of them have been loved by the audience. Ever since the release of the first installment in the middle of the last decade of the twentieth century, the game has sold millions of copies worldwide and is one of the best selling games in the real time strategy genre. This multi million selling figure has been made possible by the large number of games that were released under various franchises, the latest being the continuation of the Tiberium series. The various franchises that made an impact have been mentioned below.

The Red Alert Series

This was one of the earliest and most selling series of the Command and Conquer franchise. It was initially developed and launched in 1996 as a prologue to the entire Command and Conquer series of games. The various titles which sold in millions and made this series a complete success have been Red Alert, Red Alert 2 and expansion pack Yuri’s Revenge, Red Alert 3 and expansion pack Uprising and a XBox specific game, Commander’s Challenge. Each of them has been set in parallel universes where sometimes Allies have been pitched against the Soviets, while at other times it is some time travel experiments going wrong. The various games have consistently scored above 85% in game rankings worldwide, making it one of the most popular series ever. Same is not true for the two expansion packs; however, the good reviews for the main games have balanced the numbers.

The Tiberium Series- The Main Game

It is the main game series of the franchise while the others have acted as extended prologues to this. The Tiberium series continue the first Command and Conquer game which was released in 1995 and follow the same with some of the most fascinating and powerful gaming experiences through its various installments. The major installments that have stirred user interest and kept the name of the game alive for over two decades now are the Tiberium Sun, Renegade, Tiberium Wars and the last installment, Tiberian Twilight along with some expansion packs. These games have been received well by the gaming fraternity as well as the critics and the latest installments being run in the technologically advanced video game consoles have been a huge advantage for the game.

The Generals Series

The Generals game was taken out in 2003 by the Command and Conquer franchise and was famed as the first Command and Conquer game based on a complete three dimensional technology engine. The game had a storyline which was unrelated to any of the preceding games and this is what made it different and instilled interest in it. The future of the franchise appears bright as it has continuously impressed its fans over time.

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