Clash of Clans Top Village Defense Strategy With Archer Towers

One of most common defensive units in Clash of Clans is the Archer Tower. The Archer Tower is the best defensive structure, with high DPS (damage per second), quite long range and it can attack both ground and air units.

Likewise Cannons, the Archer Towers will significantly improve your defense strength with each upgrade you do on it.

More information about Archer Towers and the Strategy that you can apply

PROs and CONs

The Archer Tower is a great defensive building in many ways: it has long range and good damage, the ability to hit ground and air units and it’s quite hard to counter. The only thing that can take it down is when you are attacked by a large number of enemies. The tower has a very low “health” and it will be destroyed very fast by 10-15 Barbarians or Archers.

In order to fix this problem, you will place mortars deep into the base, but in the range to protect your Archer Tower. This way, when big waves of troops are approaching, the mortars will take them down with their splash damage.

Where you should place the Archer Tower?

Archer Towers must be placed inside the walls and to prevent enemy players from using Archers in order to destroy useless buildings such as Mines, Collectors, Army Camps, etc. So, while your enemy will hit those useless buildings, your Archer Towers will hit those enemies and most likely take them down before they destroy a building.

You should pair your Cannons with Archer Towers because the Archer Towers will be able to protect Cannons against air units and the Cannons will be able to protect the Archer Towers against big waves of ground units.

Upgrading priority

You should upgrade your Archer Towers to the highest level your Town Hall allows you to. For example, a Town Hall level 5 will allow you to upgrade your Archer Towers up to level 6. After you’ve upgraded all your Archer Towers to level 6 you should consider upgrading your Town Hall to level 6.

Number of Archer Towers you can own

Depending on your Town Hall level you will be allowed to construct a number of Archer Towers, as it follows:

– Town Hall level 2 – 1 Archer Tower allowed
– Town Hall level 4 – 2 Archer Towers allowed
– Town Hall level 5 – 3 Archer Towers allowed
– Town Hall level 7 – 4 Archer Towers allowed
– Town Hall level 8 – 5 Archer Towers allowed
– Town Hall level 9 – 6 Archer Towers allowed
– Town Hall level 10 – 8 Archer Towers allowed

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