Clash of Clans – Top Upgrading Guide and General Rules For A Winner

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When you upgrade your Town Hall in Clash of Clans, you will have to choose which buildings and upgrades you will do first. Since the game doesn’t allow you to have as many builders as you would really need, because of so many buildings that you will be able to upgrade, you will have to choose wisely the buildings and the upgrades you will do. In this guide, you will learn the best upgrade order for each Town Hall level, which will lead your leveling process more efficiently and the transition will be smoother.

Clash of Clans: Upgrading Guide – General Rules  

When your Town Hall levels up, there will always be some buildings and upgrades that will have priority among other structures. If you will understand these rules, you will have an idea on what’s best to upgrade when your Town Hall levels up. However, the rules are less rigid at the level 9 and 10, because of the high cost of upgrades.

  1. Laboratory

Every time your Town Hall levels up, your main priority will be to upgrade the Laboratory. This will allow you to upgrade units and it will be the most effective way to increase your war and farming abilities. At the same time, the research is often the most intensive step at each Town Hall level and when you’re upgrading, you will have the time to complete all your researches before reaching the next Town Hall level.

  1. Army Camps and Barracks

Since one of your builders is already busy upgrading your Laboratory, the other free builders should start building the new available Army Camps and Barracks that were unlocked when your Town Hall leveled up. However, keep in mind that not many Town Hall levels unlock new army camps and barracks. We’re talking about BUILDING UNLOCKED army camps and barracks, not about upgrading your current army camps and barracks.

  1. Army Camps and Spell Factory Upgrades

After upgrading the Laboratory and building your new army camps and barracks, the third priority is to UPGRADE your Army Camps and Spell Factory. Upgrading these two structures will highly increase your offensive capabilities, with other words it will improve your war and farming capabilities.

However, when your Town Hall gets to level 9, upgrading Army Camps will not be your priority because of the high cost and the long build time. Instead of upgrading Army Camps, instead you can build/upgrade the buildings from priority number 4.

  1. Walls, Towers, Storage buildings and Dark Elixir Drills

After you maximize your offensive structures it is time to upgrade some of your defensive structures. The best and fastest way to improve your defense is to build new towers and upgrade a few levels as long as it’s not expensive and doesn’t take too long to do it. Besides Towers, you should start building walls, but do not max them yet, since they might be too expensive, and instead build some additional storage buildings. By constructing new storage buildings, you will “save” more resources, because the one who attacks your village is able to steal only a percentage of your available resources.

Dark Elixir is a very limited resource and you will want to build new Dark Elixir Drills in order to get your hands on some Dark Elixirs.

  1. Upgrading old Towers

After you added the new towers and walls, you’re ready to upgrade your old Towers. However, keep in mind that you should not upgrade more than one Air Defense Tower at a time, because your base will be very vulnerable to air attacks.

  1. Whatever it’s left

Now, you can upgrade all the remaining structures, as long as you have the resources. Level up structures such as Dark Barracks and Barracks to the max level, walls and resource collectors. There is no rush on upgrading these, but when you have enough resources to spare for them, do it.

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