Clash of Clans – Top Gorgeous Tips, Tricks and Town Hall Strategy

Clash of Clans has gained popularity very fast, being played on both tablets and smartphones because of the interesting gameplay it comes with. Supercell, the developers of the game, released this game first on iTunes Store in August 2012, in October 2013 they released it on Google Play Store and right now, the game is one of the most played mobile games. The game is free to play, but there are some players complaining against the game’s allurement to invest money in order to easily win battles.

In Clash of Clans, you will have to build your village from scratch, create different buildings and upgrade them, train troops, raid other villages and more.

Tips and Tricks

1. Be Patient

In Clash of Clans, you will need to have a lot of patience, because the game isn’t progressing as fast as many players would want. It takes time to create and upgrade buildings, and it takes more time to advance into the game. If you are a player who thinks he’ll finish this game in 1month, then this is not the most indicated game.

2. Complete Achievements

Even if you don’t plan on spending any real money on Gems, you can still get some free gems if you complete some specific Achievement in the game. For example, if you get 1250 Trophies, you will have 250 free gems. You can also get gems by clean up trees, logs and rocks from your village.

3. Attacking

Attack, as well as the Defense, is crucial in Clash of Clans. It is useless if you have a good offense, but a weak defense. However, it is hard to cover both of them, so you will most likely want to be an offensive player. By being an offensive player, you will constantly attack other players, get resources and instantly spend the resources to upgrade buildings. In case you don’t have free builders, just invest the Gold in your walls. You will always need Elixir to train your troops, so don’t mind if you have some extra Elixir. The reason why you should instantly spend the resources you get from raiding other players, is because a player will never attack you if you have low resources.

When you raid, try to get weak players and don’t mind if you spend some Gold on finding one. It is very important to not deploy many troops to destroy a village, so this is the reason why we want to search for weak villages.

4. Defending

As we told you above, defending is very important in Clash of Clans. Always remember that walls are very important in defending your village and they will end up being your best defensive “buildings”. All the important buildings such as Town Hall and Storages will be placed behind the walls, where you will also put defensive buildings such as Cannons, Mortars and Archer Towers. Try to place them in a way that they can defend as many buildings as they can.

5. Army Camps and over-queuing

When you want to take a break, try to fill your Army Camps and once they are maxed, put in Queue troops in all your Barracks. Even if the training for them will not begin, you will be charged for elixirs. This way, you will “save” those Elixirs from the players who will attack you while you are offline. When you get back online, you can simply cancel the queued troops and get your Elixirs back.

6. Clan Castle

As soon as you “reconstruct” the Clan Castle, you can join a Clan. The Clan members will be able to send troops to your Clan Castle, and those troops will try to defend your village when you are being attacked. This is very useful when you are being invaded by an enemy who has an Archer Queen or a Barbarian King. At the same time, you will have to send troops to your Clan Members.

Defending Strategy

1. Town Hall and Storages

When you plan on defending your village, firstly you should decide what you actually want to defend. If you are farming resources and don’t care much about the Trophies, you can leave your Town Hall outside the walls and put behind them only your Storages. This way, the players that farm for Trophies will most likely destroy only the Town Hall and leave your Storages untouched. If you are farming for resources, but at the same time you are farming for Trophies as well, and you want to keep your Trophy range high, you will have to place the Town Hall behind your walls, exactly in the center  of the village (in order to be the most defended building). Near it, you should put your Storages and some defensive buildings such as Mortars or Wizard Tower. You can also place a few defensive building near them: Cannons and Archer Tower, but spread them a bit in order to cover more buildings.

Make sure that the attackers will have a hard time to get your Mortar, since this defensive building will most likely destroy them, and in order to win the fight, they will have to bring it down very fast. The Mortar does splash damage, meaning it damages not only 1 troop, but all the troops around it also! This how important this defensive building is!

2. Walls and how important they are

Many new Clash of Clans players tend to ignore the Walls. They are very important, because as they get upgraded, they are harder to be destroyed, making your attackers a hard time when trying to bring them down. While they’re busy doing that, they are being attacked by your defensive buildings. A high upgraded wall will “buy” enough time to your defensive buildings to kill most of the attackers. Keep in mind that the Walls don’t need a builder in order to be constructed or upgraded and they are also being instantly constructed and upgraded. To upgrade them you will need Gold, so when you have some extra Gold, always invest it on your Walls.

We hope that you found this article very useful and that you will use these strategies in Clash of Clans.

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