Clash of Clans – The Amazing Lava Hound Update is Coming Soon

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While we don’t have an exact release date for the most anticipated Lava Hound update for Clash of Clans, it is definitely something that we are excitedly looking forward to.

The game is addictive as it already is; but all these new features and content can easily make it all the more interesting. Most details related to this upcoming update have been revealed.

Supercell has officially confirmed that the Lava Hound update will bring in an entirely new dark troop which players can make use of. They will be much more powerful and will have the power to bring down your opponents much easier. You will also get extra levels of upgrades as well as some patches which will bring in improvements to the game play experience. Some defensive updates are expected as well, which will make it easier to strengthen the walls and withstand heavy attacks.

Lava Hound Update

With the Lava Hound update, it comes as threatening news for players, who didn’t upgrade to the latest range of rockets to defend themselves. If you have been trying to save money and not invest in air based defensive mechanism, it is mandatory that you do so now. The Lava Hounds are a new range of flying units which are also known as the ‘flying golem’. Compared to other units, these flying dark barrack creatures are tough and can withstand a huge amount of damage.

We have also got an opportunity to see some leaked footages of these units, which confirmed that they are capable of flying at high speeds, which we assume is at 20 similar to an Archer. But, the only weak point of these hounds is that they are not so strong when it comes to attacking enemy units. You can consider using them as a defensive unit and as to distract the enemy while the ground troops move forward.

Powerful Defense

The advantage of using Lava Hounds is that they just don’t die. Once the main unit is destroyed, it will automatically split into multiple units named as the lava pups. They will target whatever that is near and will fly towards them to become a suicide bomber squad. At level 3, you will have at least 12 lava pups disperse when a lava hound is destroyed.

The cost of the dark elixir used to build Lava Hounds is not known yet, but we will shortly, once the update rolls out on all platforms.


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