Clash of Clans Striking Army Setup Depending to Your Town Hall Each Level

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In Clash of Clans, one of the essential things is to pick the right troops to a battle. When you are trying to build one of the most powerful armies, you must firstly know what you are going to farm with it, in order to know what troops you will need. In Clash of Clans, you will farm two things: Resources and Trophies.

1. A Trophy farming army will allow you to get Trophies very fast. However, the troops you will need to farm Trophies will take a while to get trained.

2. To farm resources, you will need an army setup that is trained fast and cheap. At the same time you will want to get from the raid more resources than you invested in the army.

3. A powerful army is composed most of the time of expensive troops and it is used to complete difficult campaigns or to get a higher number of Trophies. This army will cost a lot and it will take a long time to be trained.

Here are the army setups that you will want to use depending on your Town Hall level

TH 2

For Trophies hunt: Barbarians
– For Resource Farming: Goblins or Barbarians
– For Power: Barbarians + Giants

Here are the best setups that you can use depending on what you are raiding for. There is no better strategy at this level.

TH 3

For Trophies: Barbarians
– For Resource Farming: Goblins or Barbarians
– Power army: Barbarians + Giants + Wall Breakers

Not many changes made in the TH 3 army setups. The only difference is related to the Power army, where wall breakers appear. However, at this level, both the Wall Breakers and Giants are quite expensive, so you should not use them so often.

TH 4

For Trophies: Archers + Barbarians
– For Resource Farming: Goblins or Barbarians
– Power army: Balloons + Wall breakers + Giants

When your Town Hall reaches level 4, you can aim the 1250 trophy achievement. However, keep in mind that it will take you a while until you achieve it but it can be done by searching villages with unprotected Town Halls. Destroy the Town Halls and just leave the village after that (in case the other buildings are protected).

You can farm resources by using Goblins or Barbarians or by mixing them together. The balloons will help you complete some campaign missions also. To protect your Balloons you will use your Barbarians or Giants to take down the Air Defense Towers. After that, the Balloons can clear the entire village with ease.

TH 5

For Trophies: Archers + Barbarians + Wall Breakers
– For Resource Farming: Barbarians
– Power army: Giants + Wall Breakers + Balloons + Wizards

When your Town Hall reaches level 5, you will want to start having a bunch of Wall Breakers available in case you will need to destroy some walls to get your army inside the village fast. At this level, you will still be able to farm resources with mass Barbarians, and because of the short training time and the cost, they are the most used at this level.

You notice that we’ve added Wizards to your Power army in order to bring some more damage to the setup.

TH 6

For Trophies: Archers + Barbarians + Wall Breakers
– For Resource Farming: Barbarians
– Power army: Healers + Giants + Wizards + Wall breakers

When you will have your Town Hall at level 6, the healer will be available. This unit will bring a lot of support to your power army. You will be able to send a bunch of Giants and Healers to most of the villages and destroy them with ease. A good strategy is to drop your Wall Breakers and Giants close to an air defensive tower and deploy your Healers to keep your Giants alive while they’re destroying the village.

For resource farming, we will still stick to the mass Barbarians or you can mix them with a few Giants too. As for the Trophy farming, you can take out exposed Town Halls with your Archers and Barbarians, but if you think that you can take out a Town Hall with ease, you can also deploy a few Healers and Giants to help out.

TH 7

For Trophies -> Healers + Giants +  Wall Breakers + Archers
– For Resource Farming -> Archers + Barbarians + Wall Breakers
– Power army -> Hog Riders + Dragons

When your Town Hall gets to level 7, your army setups will change a lot. For Trophies you can still use the Archers + Barbarians setup to destroy the exposed Town Halls. However, if you want to get Trophies faster you will have to bring some Healers and Giants to the setup.  As for resource farming, you will use Archers + Barbarians and some wall breakers when they’re needed. The setup will consist of 90+ Barbarians, 70+ Archers and 6-8 Wall Breakers.

After you unlock Hog Riders and Dragons, you will have the best “power” army setup in the game. You will use a bunch of dragons and lightning spells to clear any base you want. Use the lightning spells to destroy the air defense towers and just clear the villages with your flying creatures.

TH 8

For Trophies: Healers + Giants + Wall Breakers + Archers
– For Resource Farming: Archers + Wall Breakers + Goblins + Giants
– Power army: Hog Riders + Dragons + Golems + Wizards

As you can see, there are not many changes related to the trophy and power armies. Now you will have access to Golems, which can be used to take out high level player villages. You can back them up with some Wizards for some additional damage.

Using the new resource farming army, the Giants will now act as the troops that will take the damage for the other troops. During this time, the wall breakers will destroy the walls and Archers will be used to clear the rest of the village. You can use goblins to take fast high amount of resources in case you don’t have enough time to take them.

TH 9

For Trophies:Minions + Balloons
– For Resource Farming: Archers + Wall Breakers + Goblins + Giants
– Power army: Witch + Float Spell

After getting your Town Hall up to level 9, a new trophy farming you will use a new trophy army composition. You will use around 35 Balloons and a bunch of Minions. Deploy the Balloons to one side of the enemy base and use one or two rage spells on them. In case you notice them getting too low, you can also use a healing spell. Once the defense is destroyed, you can deploy the Minions to clear up the rest of the buildings.

As you noticed, the power army now has Witches. This unit is very powerful and by using Float Spell on them to be able to jump over walls you will destroy the towers very fast. You can also mix them up with a bunch of Wizards too.

TH 10

For Trophies: Balloons + Minions
– For Resource Farming: Archers + Wall Breakers + Goblins + Giants
– Power army: Wizards + Witches + Golems + Dragon + Hog Riders

Town Hall 10 will not unlock you any new troops, so as you can see there are not many changes between TH 9 and TH 10 setups. However, from now on you will most likely need to use power army in order to farm resources or trophies, if you want to get yourself to the upper brackets.


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