Clash of Clans Layouts, Buldings and Best Tricks and Tips

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Clash of Clans is one of the most played strategy games on mobile devices and today we’re going to tell you more about base layouts and how to defend better your base.

Village Layouts

1. Compartmentalizing defense

The idea is to have as many compartments as you can, in which you will place your most important defensive buildings. This layout is very nasty for the attackers because they will have to destroy the walls of each compartment to reach the buildings. This slows down the army and buys enough time for the defensive buildings to do kill the attacking troops.

2. Single Wall

This layout is when you have a single wall that surrounds your most important buildings. This layout is vulnerable to attacks from Archers and Wall breakers.

3. Double Walls

Likewise Single Wall layout, this is the same layout, the only thing that’s changed is that there is a second wall after the first one. This prevents Archers from shooting from the outside and this can be very stressful for the Wall breakers, since they now have to bring down two sets of walls.

4. The “Egg-Shell”

This layout consists of 3 or more layers of walls, in the center of the map. The important buildings, such as resources and Town Hall will be behind the walls, while the other buildings will be outside the walls. This layout is mostly used for farming villages.

5. Inner and Outer Walls

This layout will use the inner walls to protect the most valuable structures, while the outer walls will enclose the inner walls. When using this layout, you want to have your Town Hall right in the middle of the base to be the most protected structure in your village.

Buildings that you should put behind the walls

1. Defensive buildings with splash damage

You want to put these kinds of buildings because when you will be raided, the troops will constantly be attacked by your Wizard Towers and Mortars. These defensive buildings will constantly attack one troop and since they have splash damage, all the troops that are close to the attacked troop will get damaged also. This is a great way to destroy mass Archers or Barbarians.

2. Air Defenses

Air Defenses attack only air units and if you place them outside of the walls, the ground units will destroy them without worrying of getting damage. After they destroy your Air Defense, your village will be vulnerable to air attacks, and if the attacker will send some Dragons, Balloons, Minions and Healers, he will destroy your entire base with ease.

3. Dark Elixir, Elixir and Gold Storages

If you are farming for resources, we suggest you to put this inside the walls. However, if you are farming for trophies you can put gold and dark elixir storages outside the walls and put only your elixir storage inside the walls (since you will need Elixir to buy troops in order to farm trophies). It really depends on your play style and what are you farming goals.

4. Town Hall

The Town Hall can be put behind the walls or in front of them, depending on what are you farming. If you are farming for resources, you will want to protect your resource storages and don’t care much about the Town Hall and leave it outside. However, if you are farming for Trophies, you will want to put the Town Hall behind the walls, right in the middle of the base, to be the most protected structure from your village.

Buildings that you should never put behind your Walls

1. Barracks, Spell Factory, Laboratory and Army Camps

You shouldn’t care much about these buildings, because they don’t influence your resources or trophies. However, they do influence the percentage of how much is your village destroyed, which may lead into losing some trophies. But as we told you above, do not care much about them and instead use them as an extra “wall”, so the attackers will have to destroy the buildings before getting to the walls.

2. Resource structures: Elixir Collectors, Gold Mines and Dark Elixir Drills

If you play Clash of Clans every day, you won’t care much about the structures that “generate” resources. Why? Because you will most likely collect the generated resources and most of the times they will be empty or have few resources.

3. Builder Huts

Another building that is simply useless on keeping it behind the walls is the Builder Hut. It is useless to keep this building there because as well as Barracks, Army Camps and Laboratory, it will regenerate as soon as you login back to the game and it just consists in the percentage that your village is destroyed.

4. Town Hall

If you are a resource farmer, then you should keep the Town Hall outside the walls, in order to make someone who farms for Trophies, to attack it. It will probably leave you alone after getting the Town Hall destroyed, since he will most likely farm only Trophies and won’t care much about resources. This way, you will get a free 12-hour shield and you will lose about 4-11 trophies. That’s an easy free shield for a few Trophies!

More Wall Tips

Keep in mind that bushes, stones, trees can’t be used as “barriers”. The attacking troops can be placed directly on top of them and they will get inside your village without having to take out the walls. Same goes for decorations, Hidden Teslas (until it get’s visible) and traps. Always put walls from a side to another don’t leave empty spaces between them, such as the structures we mentioned above.

More Tips and Tricks

– Never spend gems on speeding up things and instead try to buy Builder Huts with them
– When you have some extra gold always upgrade your Walls
– To “hide” some of the elixirs, over-train some troops and when you login back just cancel their training to get the elixirs back
– Get free gems by completing achievements or by removing the rocks, trees and bushes from your village.
– If you are farming for resources, try to keep the Trophies count at a low number, in order to not get tough players which own villages that can’t be easily raided.

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