Clash of Clans Great Tips and Tricks For Getting Gold And Saving Village

One of the most popular strategy games on mobile devices is Clash of Clans. In this game you will have to construct buildings and upgrade them, train troops, defend your village and attack other villages, join a Clan and get involved in Clan Wars with your buddies.

Finding real good tips and tricks for this game sometimes can be really hard. Most of the information you come across, you’re either already familiarized with it or it’s not that useful. Even if you are looking for attacking or defense tips or ways to get more gems, gold or great village layouts, it is hard to keep you to a competitive level in the game. Especially if you are not as active as you should be for a specific strategy.

The main purpose of the Clash of Clans tips is to firstly to help you succeed in this game without scamming it. With other words, the idea is to help you get a lot amount of resources and gems without having to trick the game in some way.

Getting Gold, Gems and Elixir in Clash of Clans

The main things you care in a strategy type of game are the resources. You depend on them to defend your base, train your troops and overall to win the battles. Try to keep your elixir collectors and gold mines at a high level and at the same time their storages also. Always try to keep your builders “busy” with upgrading these kinds of buildings. Another way to get lots of resources is by attacking other players or by doing the campaign missions.

Setting your village

It is very important the way you set your village and what improvement you should always do to change things in your village. You should constantly try new layouts and see which one works the best for you. Keep in mind that in Clash of Clans you can move buildings around without any cost or any kind of other penalty.

Defending your village

Keep in mind that most of the times when you will login back to the game, you will notice that your village has been attacked. However, the destroyed buildings will automatically be repaired within seconds. You will get an 12 hour shield in case your Town Hall or 40% of your base are destroyed and a 16 hour shield in case 90% of your base is destroyed. You will see who attacked you by going to the defense log, but instead of attacking back, try to do some campaigns missions instead, because otherwise you’ll lose your shield and you’ll be attacked again. Use this 12-16 hours window to upgrade your defenses in order to be prepared for the next time you get raided. When you feel strong enough, use the defense log and go for the ones who attacked you and take their resources!

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