Clash of Clans – Best Defending Strategy and Top Tips and Tricks for Village Setups

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If you have an Android device, you most likely played Clash of Clans at least once. This game was released back in August 2012 for iOS and in October 2013 on Android. While the iOS edition wasn’t so popular, the Android version is getting more and more users everyday, and Clash of clans is one of the most popular Android games. Here are some strategies, tips and tricks that will help you out in this great game.

How to not get attacked

One of the best ways to not get attacked is to not make the other player’s time worth attacking you. A player who farms for resources will never attack a player who has very low resources, so keeping your resources as low as possible might prevent some attacks. You can keep your resources low by spending them on constructing, upgrading and for your troops.

However, sometimes you will need a large amount of resources in order to do a specific upgrade. To do this, you will have to make your resources not so accessible by placing them in the center of the village and protect them with every single unit you have. This may keep your attackers away, since they will realize that they can’t defeat you. However, in case they have a chance to steal your resources, they will have to use a LOT of troops, which will be useless and this will probably make them tap for the next target instead of attacking you.

Making your base looking very difficult to destroy

Try to upgrade your walls to the highest level you can, as the higher the walls are, the more difficult it seems for a player that is in your Trophy range.

Village Setups

Standard Village

The standard village is when you place your storages and defensive structures behind the walls, while leaving barracks, mines, extractors and all other useless things in front of the walls. It will be only a single wall “separating” your base from your enemy and this setup will be very weak against Giants troops as once they go through the walls, they will head straight for the defensive units and they will destroy them pretty fast.

The Compartmented Village

While using this setup you will place your Town Hall in the middle of the village and every single defense building will be surrounded by a 4×4 wall. This will slow down giants and you will counter them pretty easy, killing them before they reach a defensive building. However, this kind of setup is weak when being attacked with Giants and Archers, when Archers will do the damage and Giants will take the damage for them.

The Large Compartmented Village

This looks very similar to the “compartmented” village setup but instead of placing only one defensive building with a 4×4 wall, you will now place 2-3 structures behind the walls. This is a wise strategy and the difference is not that huge between the “Compartmented” and “Large Compartmented” village setups. You can use this setup in low levels, when you lack walls.

The Split Village

One of the most used village setups, but at the same time, very poor, is the split village setup. While using this strategy, you will group your defensive buildings in two groups, with important buildings between them, such as Town Hall and Storages. Your defensive buildings will be able to cover all the important buildings, as well as the buildings that are outside of the walls. However, likewise the Standard Village Setup, this strategy is very vulnerable to Giants.

Tips and tricks

Where to place your Traps

You will want to place traps where the players will expect less. Also don’t spread them out all over the village because that’s just wasted money. It is good to have bombs close each other, because if they are triggered and there are a lot of troops nearby, all of them will get damaged. However, the spring traps should not be placed near each other and instead place them strategically in the spots where your enemy won’t expect them to be.

Where to place your Clan Castle

Some players believe that the place where they put the Clan Castle doesn’t matter very much. In fact, because all your troops from the Clan Castle will deploy when an enemy will be in the Clan Castle’s range. By saying this, if you place the building too close to the walls, some players might lure all your troops out and destroy without even worrying about your defensive buildings. Because of that, you will want to place the Clan Castle somewhere near the Town Hall, which is in the middle of your Village. This way, you will prevent the attackers from luring all your troops by using only 1-2 Barbarians, as they will die before they even destroy the walls and get in the Clan Castle’s range. Your attacker will have to deploy a big amount of troops to reach the Clan Castle’s range and it will be a really hard for him to “control” the battle.

However, keep in mind that you can be killed by your own spring traps in case an enemy triggers them when your troops are standing on the traps. But they will not get any damage from the bombs in case they get triggered by the enemy troops while your troops are nearby.

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