Clash of Clans – Best Clan Castle Defensive and Offensive Strategy

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In order to create or join a Clan, you will need to rebuild your Clan Castle. You begin the game with a ruined Clan Castle, which you will have to rebuild. It might not seem that important, but it is crucial to have a high level Clan Castle, in order to hold as many troops as possible. These troops will get out of the Castle in case any enemy approaches and they will be very useful on defending your village.

After you rebuild your Clan Castle, you will have the possibility to join Clans and you’ll have a new ability which will allow you to request troops from Clan members. This ability has a 20 minutes cooldown, but it can be done faster in case you will use Gems to speed things a little bit. When you will request troops, the other members will see the request and they’ll be able to donate a maximum of 5 Troops to your Clan Castle. These troops can be used defensively and offensively, since you can use them to raid other villages too.

For each troop a player donates, (s)he will get experience points. The amount of experience earned depends on how much housing space the troops “occupy”. For example, if you donate a Dragon, you will get 20XP, while a Giant will get you only 5XP.

Clan Castle: Defensive Strategy

When your village is attacked and any the enemy’s troops get in a 12 tiles radius of your Clan Castle, the troops will get outside and attack the troop(s). Keep in mind that your troops will be able to jump over walls too.

When you select the Clan Castle, you will notice its activation radius in order to place it more strategically. In case your Clan Castle gets destroyed and some of the troops don’t get outside until then, they will not be lost and will appear in your Clan Castle as soon as you log back to the game.

You will want to place your Clan Castle somewhere near the center. This way, the troops from inside of it will be able to react if the enemy will attack either from the north, south, east or west side of your village. However, keep in mind that once the troops that have no favorite targets available will notice the troops that got out from the Clan Castle, they will stop attacking the current target and go for your Clan Castle troops.

In case you will be attacked by air units, only the troops that can attack air units will get out of the Clan Castle, while the others will stay inside until they will notice a ground unit.

Clan Castle: Offensive Strategy

When you’re planning to attack a village that has the Clan Castle repaired, you will want to lure out the troops that are inside it. To do this, send a single unit in the range of the Clan Castle and all the troops will get out, defending the village. This way, you will see what kind of troops your enemy has and you will plan your next move according to that. This will stop you from making newbie mistakes such as sending mass Barbarians to the battle without knowing what troops are inside the Clan Castle. In case inside the Clan Castle are Balloons, your army is going to die without even being able to react, since Barbarians can’t attack air units.

So, after luring the troops out, you can decide either to continue the raid or decide to retreat, in case he has troops that will mess with your raid. Another thing that you can do is to ignore them and lure them farther away from the defensive buildings and try to get them out. Keep in mind that once the troops are outside the Clan Castle, they will no longer have a radius trigger and instead they will travel all over the map and attack any enemy unit. The trick is to lure the troops outside the village and then place a Giant a little further and once they are all close to your Giant, deploy Archers in a circle around them and they will die fast. You can do the same thing for Heroes, because this strategy works like a charm on them too.

You can use a Lightning Spell also for some low hp troops. Keep in mind that the lightning spell will not damage your troops, you can use it when the attackers are near to your troops without worrying that your troops will get damaged by the spell.


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