Clash of Clans – 5 Tips to Build an Impenetrable Base

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Are you worried that there are too many enemy raids and someone could storm into your base to take you out?

Do you find it tough to manage your resources and keep your army supplies strong at all times? If you feel so, it is going to be really helpful if you read the simple but highly efficient tips provided below. We have shortlisted the most important ones that you could use, to secure and make your base impenetrable for even the most powerful enemy.

Getting Free Shield

The game progresses even when you are not playing it. It is good for resource collection and other activities; but is bad when it comes to unexpected attacks. Spending gems to buy a shield is one way, but not everyone has the money to spend on it. Here’s an easy way. Move your Town Hall into a position where it is the most vulnerable and use your troops to entice a low level opponent to attack you. When they attack you, you will be rewarded with a free shield. Use it.

Combine Your Attacks

Even if you own a large troop, trying to attack your enemy one by one would be the most juvenile ways of them all. Instead, combine your attacks and multiply them during a raid. It will help you in not losing your resources to enemies; but deal enough damage to them. Keep tapping to avoid your device’s display from shutting down.

Queue Troops

Keep your troops ready as you play and have a queue of creations going on when you fight. As soon as you lose your current battalion in Clash of Clans, you can easily replace them with your readily available backup. When it takes much time to find a target and attack, use the gap to construct new vehicles and troops to be ready earlier than fumbling at the last moment.

Never Upgrade Your Town Hall in a Hurry

Most players lose all their resources in trying to upgrade their Town Hall at the earliest. It can be done in due time. So, avoid doing so. If your level is lower, the amount of loot that you get when you attack is higher, which will help you level up quickly. Keep the Town Hall at its basic level unless you really need to upgrade.

Conserve Gems

The significant resource in Clash of Clans, the gems, has to be conserved and never use them for your whims and fancies. Don’t use them to speed up buildings or to get gold. Earn trophies to get more gems rather than spending them.


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