Candy Crush Saga – Win the Game with These Amazing Tips and Tricks

Do you love Candy Crush Saga? If you do, this is a must read for you. Millions of gamers play the title every day but sometimes they forget the basics that make it difficult as you progress.

It is an addictive game which will easily gobble up all your time. So, be warned. Here we discuss some of the best tips and tricks that you should deploy to experience the game in all its glory.

Combos Help You Win Power Candies

For people who are familiar with Candy Crush Saga and have been playing the game for a while now, it should be obvious that a single candy is not the most powerful. In order to succeed, you have to make sure that you make multiple combos which will help you create a power candy. They are exceptionally useful, especially if you get the timing right. Don’t try to use it as soon as you make the combo. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity. Keep a set of candies ready, which can be crushed together and use your power candy to wipe them off in a single tap. You will score really high for such combos and multipliers.

Always Move Vertically

To succeed in Candy Crush Saga, it is mandatory that you move vertically in each level with nuts and fruits. This will help you accomplish more real estate as you progress and will also make it easy to cross levels quicker. It provides players the opportunity to drop down ingredients instantly and keep the game under control as they progress.

Swap Color Bombs and Striped Candy

Swapping is an important aspect of the game where you can swap two color bombs together to create a huge explosion. It is one of the most powerful of them all because when it occurs, you will most probably wipe out half of the board and score so much with a single tap. Similarly, there is also an option to swap striped or wrapped candy. They are similar to color bombs and when swapped would create an explosion, which is powerful enough to clear half or the entire board at times. Sounds awesome, isn’t it? It actually is and to win Candy Crush Saga all you need to do is to know such tricks and deploy them at the right moment. You will be winning the game in no time and can boast about your success to your friends.


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