Candy Crush Saga Will Destroy You

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Last week, the most popular and addictive game played globally, Candy Crush that moves around matching colored sweets, was estimated to be priced up to $1.7 bn. Just after Wall Street debut, the price dropped but still overtook many gaming giants on the stake of its free apps tagged with billion.

Candy Crush is enjoyed by 93 million people on daily basis and about $800,000 revenue is generated on daily basis by the purchase of the new lives made by the players to conquer higher levels. About half a billion of people download this mind-boggling game every day. King Digital entertainment, which is the developer of the eminent creation, said that it generated revenue of $568 million last year.

From across the planet, we have got reviews about the game being highly addictive. We think the main reason for it being so addictive is its simplicity in playing. The concept of Candy Crush is simply so close to a preschooler- the player just has to arrange three candies having the same color. Initially, the game logic enables us to pass on the levels very conveniently so as to build a strong sense of satisfaction. Such tiny achievements simulate neurochemical dopamine and neuro-circuitry responsible for addiction. In spite of being a recreation chemical, dopamine is also essential for learning, which trains us to continue performing them.

As the game proceeds, the levels become more and more difficult that makes us to return again and again.

From whatever the game developer or the logic states or claims, it’s purely apparent that it is a luck game and so your reward schedule becomes random. Gradually, the number of losses increases and it’s turns to trace the next triumph.

The same strategy follows the rule of ratio schedule of reinforcement; it’s the same formula used in the slot machine where you never know that you will win and you win just to compel you to play again.

As per the company’s claim, the game is not addictive like gambling, while it’s more brain exercising, which is easy to learn but difficult to master. It says that as the game proceeds it depends on the strategies of how you swipe the candies.

Another wonderful thought shared by the creator is that the game teaches us the way we respond to the limits and how much we can devote ourselves in a given slot of time.

Finally, it’s for sure that the game is built on candies and many games are associated with candies just like the fruit machine. The incorporation of various candies in different flavors and colors enhances the positive association of the game, which makes our mood more relaxing and funny.

So, despite bizarre tales like moms forgetting to pick up their kids from school as they remain busy playing Candy Crush seems really absurd practically as you can stop it anytime you like-simply delete just as soon as you reach level 141.

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