Candy Crush Saga for Windows Phone Supposedly Cancelled

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The Windows phone platform has been facing heavy competition from iOS and Android phones.

Now, the news that the development of the promised Candy Crush Saga to the platform is being halted comes as a shocking update for those who were expecting to play the game. In the month of January 2014, the developers of the game said that they are planning to make a version of many popular titles for the Windows phone platform but a new report from a French website named Pocket says that all projects have now been kept on indefinite hold.

Windows Phone Is Not Performing Well

The French website claims that the developers decided to put a hold on all games that were supposed to be ported to Windows phone because the platform wasn’t performing well as expected. Microsoft is doing its best to promote itself in the smartphone market by acquiring Nokia yet things do not seem to be going in their favor so far. The developers stated that the poor commercial performance of these devices prompted them to stop development for now.

In recent times, Microsoft’s OS based phones have been steadily declining in the market and they do not have a huge user base to cover. It has reduced from being 3.6% to 3.2% in recent times and has generated only 0.35% of ad revenues generated through the mobile platform. That’s seriously less compared to the ones made by Android and iOS.

Developers Are Backing Up

Candy Crush Saga is not the only game that has decided to skip being on the Windows phone platform but recently Super Cell, the creators of phenomenally successful Clash of Clans, and Hay Day confirmed that both these games will not be coming to the operating system any time soon.

A bunch of titles recently got very popular with users and Candy Crush Saga is one of them. The game is all about matching the right colored gems but even though it sounds really easy to learn, it gets tougher as you progress. The game is free to download on iOS, Android as well as PC. If you own a Windows phone, you may have to skip the idea of having to wait for the game to launch. It has been indefinitely postponed and we really can’t confirm whether the development will begin again unless a magic happens that would suddenly lift the Microsoft operating system to great heights with a solid user base.


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