Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Reveals Recovery Multiplayer Map

Have you seen a volcano erupt when you are engaged in intense multiplayer combat?

You will see soon when you are playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The team at Activision and Sledgehammer Games have revealed a new map named the Recovery, which sounds promising. It has a volcano at a distance, which, when it erupts, it could kill you, unless you stay in cover. After all, with the exo suit at your disposal, you can easily outrun it, we assume or fly out of its way.

The game is strongly following the concept of levolution set by Battlefield 4 where dams break and buildings fall. Sledgehammer games have pushed it a bit further by introducing a volcano for the first time, which sounds like an innovative, yet a crazy concept to use in first person shooter multiplayer maps.

Recovery Map

The official report says that the Recovery map is set in a research station which is located in the mountains of Hawaii for safety reasons. The map has been designed to strongly suit the needs of people who love close quarter combat and like to duel with opponents in little rooms. You will have lot of hallways to cover, pathways to run and to gun down your enemies.

However, the game will drastically change once the volcano erupts. It is more like the end of the game because the area will be filled with poisonous gas. Everyone has to make their way out of it before it submerges them inside while completing objectives and taking down opponents. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the first to introduce this feature, where the map will be played in two different parts.

The Second Phase

Once the volcano erupts, you move from the closed confines of the map to a more open area. There will be longer lines of sight and ample space to jump into the air here. Greg Residorf, the lead multiplayer designer of the game has revealed the Recovery map in a detailed video. You can find it on IGN, where they show more about the new features found in the map as well as the concept of the volcano erupting after a set time period. Things sound good enough in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which is set to get released on November 4 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It is not coming to the Wii U, the developers confirmed earlier.


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