Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Is Too Familiar

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Sledgehammer games praised Call of Duty Advanced Warfare as one of the best games in the decade to implement so many new ideas, an exosuit, amazing single player campaign with Kevin Spacey and ever changing maps.

They were right in some of their claims, but the new 7-minute multiplayer trailer that got released, seriously has too many flaws. Rather than calling them as bad or improper innovations, they are too familiar and almost every element has been borrowed from other games. When you start seeing the video, you will most probably assume that you are watching a trailer of Titanfall.

The game looks eerily similar to the Respawn Entertainment made EA game, especially with the ability to jump into air, dash and bump on rooftops. From the people who were behind the creation of Modern Warfare, we really expected something great. But, as days pass by and the release date coming really close, it is evident that this not going to offer much in terms of innovation. The video also details some of the important aspects of the game, including, customization, modes, exo suit powers and more.

Exosuits – Saving You in Multiplayer Crysis

No pun intended! But, the exosuits are designed to help you out of crisis especially when you are stuck in a multiplayer matches surrounded by enemies. They can do a whole lot of actions including jumping, dodging, slides, dashes and slams. The butt slam as they call it is one of the unique and new features, whereas, everything else has already been explored in Titanfall. You get to fly mid air and dash to cover more distance. It is a feature that was mockingly used in the Saints Row IV but now is being implemented with lot of seriousness.

Apart from these acrobatic skills, the exosuits will also make you extremely powerful in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Special abilities of the exosuit include hover which is similar to dashing but covers much bigger distance, cloak where you can become invisible to the enemy. We just can’t help but wonder what took Call of Duty so long because cloaking was introduced in Crysis so many years ago but it is now being praised as if Seldgehammer has found a new feature all by themselves.

Complete Customization Allowed

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer boasts of full customization options where you can add decals to your soldier’s clothing; customize the suit as well as the player features. The perks as well as weapons can be optimized to suit your needs. Weapon customization is a feature that is available in Battlefield for so long with so many upgrades available. It seems the Call of Duty franchise is slowly adopting it and trying to become a more pro first person shooter.

The game however is at its best with its single player campaign featuring Kevin Spacey as the antagonist and featuring next generation weapon in a riveting storyline. From what we see, the multiplayer may hardly leave a mark in the community as it is too much of a copy!

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