Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exosuit Powers Detailed

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The newly released seven minute multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare revealed a lot about the anticipated exosuits and their unlimited powers.

However, many of them are already familiar with the games. Titles like Crysis and Titanfall has used these exoskeletons to the core already by infusing them into multiplayer modes. Sledgehammer Games believes that the suit they have designed is much more sophisticated, even though it borrows a lot of ideas from other games.

It is expected to revamp the entire Call of Duty franchise that has been kind of getting stale in recent years. The game saw uplift during the Modern Warfare era in 2007 but ever since then, the same pattern is being followed. Activision and Sledgehammer games are set to change it. The exosuits are the most important element of them all and some of the powers that it possesses definitely looks exciting to keep us glued to the screen.

Exosuits – Changing Multiplayer

As the trailer suggests ‘Power Changes Everything’, it is actually the exosuits that is set to change the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare title into something new that fans have never experienced before. The suits can perform a lot of functions mid-air, on the ground and on the walls. It includes the dash, bump, boost, slide and slam. You even have the power to soar high up in the air using the boost function and slam back to the ground on top of an unsuspecting enemy.

He will never know that you were actually there until you slam and score a kill. Besides these, the suit will also give you the power to go into cloak mode for a specific time. It is a feature that is already popular in Crysis and is also being used in Titanfall. Players will not be able to see you in this mode but you can still attack them and score points. There’s super strength, super speed and a whole lot of other features that most players would already be familiar with. The only difference is that, it is being introduced in a Call of Duty game for the first time.

Customization of Weapons and Suits

Your soldier will resemble your personality in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The developers have implemented a wide range of customization options for the weapons as well as the player avatars. You will be able to add new perks, add-ons, accessories and other equipment to your guns. It will allow you to get into battles with customized classes that are more powerful in specific movements.

Similarly, the virtual character’s helmet, face, armor, decals and everything related to him or her is under your control. This will give player the most comprehensive customization option even before they take part in multiplayer battles. The multiplayer trailer revealed information about four different maps, their setting and the things that players could do there. But, it is only a glimpse because there are more maps as well as upcoming DLCs to keep you busy for a long time.

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