Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Devs Wanted To Hire Brad Pitt

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By now, we all know and have seen that Kevin Spacey is in the lead for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

The game features a futuristic storyline set fifty years from now, where an individual military corporation named ATLAS takes over the world. The corporate company is led by a man named Jonathan Irons, who is the antagonist in the game and during development the developer team had different people in mind. Sledgehammer games co-founder Michael Condrey said, “We never had any confusion in choosing Kevin Spacey to play the lead role because we knew he would appropriately match the role. However, we had other choices as well in case he couldn’t take up the project as planned.”

Bryan Cranston and Brad Pitt Were Considered

During their discussion, the team considered hiring Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston as well as Brad Pitt for the role. They wanted to make sure the person they hire could balance both villainous looks but with the charm of a heroic appearance. If Kevin Spacey would have rejected the offer, we may have had a completely different Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with these lead actors. In an interview, Condrey said, “When Breaking Bad was so popular we were really wondering if Cranston could have been the best fit for the game. At the same time, the president of Activision Bobby Kotick had a close relationship with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. We had the choice to pick any one of them and bring them into the game. Cranston won the Emmy awards and even he was an obvious choice. It was a tough decision that we finally made.”

The Character of Irons

Jonathan Irons is the President of the private military corporation ATLAS who has an important role in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. He is the person who changes the course of the storyline by making individual decisions and going against the government. We are still not sure how the storyline progresses, but so far, the trailers have shown him off more as an aggressive villain than a person with good thoughts. We may be in for a surprise when the game officially launches.

Call of Duty is the first game for Kevin Spacey and it is also one of its kind, since the days of Modern Warfare. While Black Ops and Ghosts were good in their own terms, Sledgehammer games, is looking forward to having the game pushed so that it captures the crowd’s attention yet again.


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