Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Dev Followed the Dead Space Formula

When Sledgehammer games started working on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, we think that the team came together and signed a pact to make sure they change the series for whatever it has been so far.

Seriously, when the new map was revealed, we were surprised to see a volcano flood the entire map and force players to run out of it to an all new area.

Such dynamic level of realism in COD is something unheard of and by now you also know that the exosuits are going to be a big part in the multiplayer arena. Another unique approach that the developers have adopted is that they have retained all classic game modes where you will be able to play the game without using the powerful exosuit. This gives you two different games for the price of one!

Injecting New Life

The sledgehammer gaming team was the one that created a terrifying experience with Dead Space and they were considering making a thrilling Call of Duty set in Vietnam. But, the ideas were later reconsidered to pave way for the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare set in a futuristic world. Besides bringing Kevin Spacey on board, the team also had a chat with Pentagon experts and people who create weapons to know how the world will be in the near future. “We were really considered to have gone berserk because my idea to introduce exosuits and completely change the game which is getting stale with time was not approved by our team at first,” says Schofield and Condrey.

Activision and EA Believes Them

Infusing new ideas was not an easy task, says the development team who had to wait nearly 18 months for EA to approve their Dead Space franchise. The studio was not willing to introduce a new IP because they were not sure whether it would work out at all. Things have changed since then and now Activision has entrusted them with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare that is going wild. The ideas are completely new and even the multiplayer has been fully revamped. Anyone who has already enjoyed the game would hardly recognize its new vision because that’s the level of change that it has undergone now.

Everything related to the title looks promising and it’s going to be a really short wait before we see if the team are right with their ideas and can actually woo the entire gaming crowd.


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