Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Achievements and Trophies Detailed By Sledgehammer

The list is really long; but we will be covering the most important achievements of them all.

Sledgehammer games, developers of the upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare have officially revealed the game’s achievement list and trophies that you could win. The game is the first in the franchise that is set in an extremely futuristic environment where you could leap onto walls, climb towers and use an all new range of weapons that could change the battle. The developers have strongly taken the first step and it has also been revealed how the new exosuits work in the multiplayer modes. For now, we have received a list of the confirmed achievements that you could unlock by winning the game in different modes, settings and clearing specific objectives.

Achievements and Trophies

Most of the tasks given as achievements will be used to upgrade your exosuits that will give you more power in the battle, especially in multiplayer matches. You will be able to earn more points that can be used to create powerful air stomps, flying as well as the ability to dodge grenades easily. All Call of Duty games focused on providing achievements without having to participate in player versus player matches. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is going to follow the same tradition. A total of 50 trophies will be available to be unlocked.

Multiple Unlockables

Carma is a nice, funny trophy that you can earn by throwing a car door at an enemy. When you complete the campaign at different difficulty levels, you will be unlocking multiple achievements, including Hard Hitter, New Era and Excellence in Everything and so on. With the launch of exosuits, new ones have been introduced as well. The Escape Artist is one such, where you have to successfully dodge 20 grenades using your suit and you will be amply rewarded with this title.

Power Changes Everything is the most elite of them all which is granted to you when you finally manage to completely upgrade your exosuit. Other interesting achievements include Look Both Ways, Second Skin, Deadeye, Radioactive and many more.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has a lot of innovative stuff in the game and is expected to be a comeback vehicle for the franchise. Let’s hope it meets our expectations when it gets released this year. The game gets released on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and other consoles.


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