Bring To Light “Shift” Erased Folders in Win 7 and 8

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In case you permanently deleted some files on device running on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and you don’t have any idea how to recover them, then you will want to read this article, because we’re going to explain you the steps that you must take in order to recover them.

This works for both Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. First, you will have to know if you run a 32bit or 64bit OS and if you are not sure, you can check by right clicking on “My Computer” from Desktop and click on “Properties”. After that, look for the line called “System Type”, and you will see there if your OS is either 32bit or 64bit.

In case your OS is on 64bit and if an application has a 64bit version, download the 64bit version, because it runs faster on your PC. If not, try getting the 32bit version and it will still work on your PC, even if you are running a 64bit OS.

One of the best applications used to recover files is called “Recuva” and here are the steps you must take in order to recover your files.

  1. Download and install Recuva

Do a simple search on Google and find Recuva and download the free version of it. After that, start installing it and pick only “Add Desktop Shortcut”, Add Start Menu Shortcuts” and “Automatically check for updated to Recuva”, leaving both of the “Add “Scan for deleted files…” unpicked.

After that, the installation will be completed and you will start Recuva.

  1. Recover permanent deleted files on your Windows7/8/8.1

Start Recuva from your desktop and a new window will appear where you will have to click on “Next”. After that, you will be asked what kind of files it should look for and you will choose “All files” and click “Next”. Then, it will ask you where the files were saved initially when you deleted them and if you are not sure just choose “I’m not sure” and click “Next”. After that, it will tell you that Recuva is ready to scan for the files and you will have an option to “Enable Deep Scan”, but don’t choose it and just click on “Next”.

After the scan is completed, another Window will appear and you will see some colors in front of each file. The green color means that the program can recover the file, the yellow color means that the chances to recover the file are very low and the red color means that the file can’t be recovered. Select the files that you want to recover and you will be required for the location where you want the files to be saved and after that, choose the location and click “OK”. You will see the files that got recovered in the desired location.

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