Boom Beach – 3 Best Offensive Strategies to Win

One of the most addictive games on your smartphone and tablet, Boom Beach can be won with a slew of offensive strategies.

We list some of the most prominent ones here that will help you win the game without having to struggle much.

Taking the Beach

Conquering a new beach is the most important objective in the game. Whenever you plan to take over a new beach, make sure you have lots of troops at your disposal. Going with small numbers could easily lead to a debacle. Form troops comprising mostly of riflemen because most islands use single shot defence machines such as boom cannon and a sniper tower. They will not be able to wipe them all out at the same time, which will give troops enough time to storm into the center and conquer the beach. At the same time, you should also scout the entire map to know if the beach uses splash damage such as rocket launchers or mortar, as riflemen are weak against such attacks.

Rushing to the HQ

Bringing down the headquarters will easily remove all defences and opposing power of your opponent. However, if you want to rush directly to the headquarters, it cannot be achieved using all your troops. Build plenty of warriors because they ideally suit this purpose. They are very fast runners and have the ability to heal themselves on the fly, which makes them immortal. As soon as you deploy them in the battle field, use the flares to direct them towards the headquarters of the enemy territory. Even though they have the power to heal, it is not easy to bypass enemy’s defensive buildings. Using shock bombs and smoke screens is a good defensive mechanism, as it will prevent your warriors from getting spotted as they move.

Shock Bombs and Troop Shield

Buildings such as sniper towers and boom cannons have heavy fire power because of which they can easily take out warriors. Try to choose a different route if there are too many of these buildings or you have to destroy these structures first using your artillery. Shock bombs also come in handy here because you can temporarily stun them while making way for your warriors to reach the headquarters.

In Boom Beach, you can also create a shield with heavy troops with heavy hit resistance so that riflemen and zooka, who are weaker, can use them to enter beaches. Combining these techniques will allow you to take down your enemy in no time.

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