Bethesda Tells Its Fans to Ignore All Fallout 4 Rumors – Would It Ever Be Released?

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Finally, we have some official news from Bethesda about Fallout 4 and no, it’s not about a release date of the upcoming game. Because there have been a lot of rumors in the past weeks, related to the location where the action will take place, which operating system will support the game, and which features will Fallows 4 come with, Pete Hines, the vice president of Bethesda, has finally decided to “calm down” the spirits. He told the fans to ignore all the rumors they’re hearing about Fallout 4 and to have patience and wait for official information from Bethesda. Hines added that, however, it will take a while before they will finally talk about Fallout 4.

This is probably because they are still working on the game and they’re not sure on which direction they will go with it. However, the Fallout series are some of the best selling titles released by Bethesda and we expected that the company will release Fallout 4 sooner because of that.

Since there is no news about the game, a fan made a Fallout 4 Trailer, but keep in mind that this is unofficial. The trailer is pretty decent and has nice background music. The person who created the video isn’t a graphic designer, but he’s a programmer. Take a look at the trailer that we’ve told you about:

What if Bethesda decides to not bring Fallout 4 as their next game?

There are a lot of fans who think that Bethesda’s next game will be Fallout 4. But what if Bethesda decides to release some other game rather than Fallout 3’s successor? A lot of fans will surely be angry, but they will still buy the game when it will be released. We know for sure that Bethesda is trying to offer an epic game and to do that they will have to take things slowly and analyze every detail in Fallout 4. They don’t want to rush things, although the fans want to see the game being released somewhere this year.

After all, the fans are the ones who will start pointing fingers to the company in case the game will come with some bugs or an awful story. We’re sure that the fans got tired of waiting for Bethesda to give them some hints about Fallout 4, but it is better to wait 2 years and get an epic game, than to wait a few months and get a decent game.

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