Battlefield 4 Will Get Fall Patch in September

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Battlefield 4 developed DICE is all set to change their game one more time and offer a more immersive experience to their ardent fans.

The developer has officially announced that they are prepping the new fall patch which will bring in new improvements in the game play, fix bugs, glitches, add some new features and add-ons that are being constantly requested for by the community test environment. After the CTE got officially introduced, BF4 got much better and has witnessed massive improvements within the past couple of months. If they are to release one more detailed patch, we can assume that it will be great news for the fans, who enjoy the title. Moreover, the next Battlefield Hardline is more of a different game and not a military shooter that makes this one the only way to experience it at least for the next two years or so.

Certification under Progress

At the moment, the Fall Patch for Battlefield 4 is under progress and the developing team is aiming to bring it out before the end of September. According to DICE, it is a fairly massive fix list because it is going to be the last of the patches and they will most probably start focusing on an entirely new game once this is done. The major change that is coming to the Game mode, where, an entirely new one named the Obliteration Competitive sub mode is being introduced. The development team has also confirmed an improved netcode will be introduced with this patch. It will lower the latency so that players don’t get hit after they assume that they are already inside a cover.

Teamplay Initiative

Another update will be the Team play initiative, which encourages players to go after objectives and not simply focus on getting kill counts all the time. It will be promoted by changing several things that will restrict players from doing something else, instead of focusing on their primary objectives. The player movements in Battlefield 4 have been tweaked as well and it will now largely resemble how you used to move in Battlefield 3.

A wide range of weapon tweaks have also been introduced, including bullet velocity, trigger delay, more ammo to weapons with less mag and grenade capacity. The Netcode improvements are expected to patch delays which will make the game much better for you. We will bring you the official update, once the patch rolls out for Battlefield 4. You should be able to download it automatically when the game starts.




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