Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Available To Play

DICE have just started disclosed the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4. It has recently been uploaded on the DICE blog an update post for Battlefield 4 and numerous YouTube gamers that are very popular on web are starting to post beta gameplay. Till now, Final Stand looks remarkably dissimilar from the rest of content of the Battlefield 4 launched so far.

The fastening thing for Battlefield 4 Final Stand is later technology and advanced warfare. It’s no mistake that the latest game has the location in tundra wilderness with futuristic munitions, and gadgets and vehicles.

DICE planned a throwback for the 2006 game, namely Battlefield 2142. It was launched after the second sequel, Battlefield 2, and it came with a futuristic war from the year 2142. The main features in the 2142 were the mechs, lasers and the hover tanks as they will be in the latest game, Final Stand.

Now, the players are able to drive with floating snowmobiles, tanks, and flying drones. So far there has been featured a snowy Russian land that is positioned around a research facility and weapon factory testing the tools of devastation, which will be introduced in the Battlefield 2142 timeline. The usual scout helicopters and LAVs will still be taking part of the game. Thus, the tanks won’t move on wheels and they will run on jet propulsion. Other additions are the snowmobiles that are as replacements for ATVs and dirt bikes, a pickup drone that has attached a mini-gun, a railgun with eight shots and zero lead time and bullet drop.

Seemingly, Battlefield 4 creators have scheduled for the Final Stand DLC a new feature of futuristic technology, which is very different from anything else you’ve seen in the game series before. Hence, it is likely to be released an upcoming Battlefield game. EA and DICE may have decided to enter into the fray of the futuristic tech and warfare.Some games such as Call of Duty, Titanfall, Destiny, and Advanced Warfare are getting the favored vibe into the future. It is a big probability that this will be a tendency in the following years of next-generation gaming.

The most trilling part regarding the Final Stand DLC is that the gamers are able to begin playing it today. The premium members have some advantages like accessing the Final Stand gadgets, weapons, vehicles, and maps beginning with today, on CTE. If you already are a premium member, now is an appropriate time to sign up for the Community Test Servers. In the next four days, the new maps will be able to play for just one day on CTE servers. But there is a limited space on servers so not everyone will have the chance to play on each map. Therefore, what are you waiting for? The rush is to acquire your spot.


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