Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-Op Is Realistic and Unforgiving

In a recent hands-on experience that we had with Assassin’s Creed Unity co-op missions, we were surprised with the level of realism that the game makers at Ubisoft have incorporated into the title.

Instead of being two different people trying to play the game on their own terms, the heist missions in Unity encourages you to actually be a co-operative partner rather than going solo. If you try to storm into enemy territory, you will most probably meet with instant death within a matter of minutes.

However, there is an option for your partner to revive you provided there are no enemies lurking around your dead body. Apart from making the co-op missions with more realism and engaging game play, the game developers have also made a dynamic map which keeps changing from time to time. You won’t see the treasure chest at the same spot when you restart the map which makes it more of a hunt than allowing you to memorize the place where gold is being kept. “We believe that this would have you taking up the challenge repeatedly with your friend which will be as exciting as it is the first time,” said the developer.

Loving the Franchise

While talking about their view on keeping the franchise alive, the developer team said that Assassin’s Creed Unity will be another best delivery from their group. They have been at it since 2007 but every game in the series continues to inspire gamers with a completely new experience. “We literally love what we have created because of which we have been able to survive so many years in keeping the game alive. The team loves it from their heart and have been putting in their best efforts to make sure it worked out,” said the lead producer at Ubisoft.

When they sat down to create the new game, it was a tough call on what to focus on. The team discussed on multiple ideas but finally they decided that co-op is something that has been missing in the series for a long time. Even though, Brotherhood had its flavour, it didn’t allow an actual human player to participate in the story. “We decided that four player co-op is the idea that excited us and if it could make us happy, we could actually make players happy as well,” said the developer.

Customization of Classes

For the first time, Assassin’s Creed Unity is also going to feature character customizations. Assassins have been the same throughout the series and there were never any specific customizations that you could do to them. The newest addition in heist missions is that you will be able to choose between different Assassins. The classes are Agile, Unseen, Resilient and Deadly, each one of them with their own unique set of moves and skills. Agile will be quick while unseen is more of a stealthy character. The Resilient is strong in defending himself against multiple attackers while Deadly is an aggressive combatant. We are literally excited to play the game on its release date but sadly it has been pushed to November 11.


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