Asphalt 8: The Ultimate Racing Adventure Game

The Asphalt series has always delivered the best gaming experience to the users and has succeeded in attracting a lot of game lovers around the world.

Asphalt 8 is the latest edition to be launched by Gameloft, the developers of this fantastic game, and holds firm on the promise of delivering more action and better features in every installment of the game. Asphalt 8 was launched in August 2013 for the Android and the iOS and was released on the Windows and Blackberry platforms by the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014. It is a racing video game with dynamics that put all its competitors far behind in the league and is a must have game for all the racing game lovers on the planet.

Game Play Options

The Asphalt 8: Airborne, as the name suggests, removes all the theatricalities of being a super fast racing game and adds a new dimension to the game by allowing cars to stay in the air for a long time while the players perform stunts and actions on it. The game play is very similar to its predecessor, Asphalt 7: Heat and the players have four broad options for controlling the race. The auto mode, in which there is automatic acceleration and the player just needs to tilt the screen, is known as the “Tilt to Steer” mode. “Tilt and Icons” mode allows manual controlling of the car by using an icon on the screen and tilting the device. The “On screen controls” provide a virtual steering wheel on the screen and the players can control the movement manually while the speed is controlled automatically. And the last mode is the “Tap to steer” mode wherein the players tap the sides of the screen and manually control the directions.

The difference in the game play as compared to the previous versions is that the tracks have more ramps for jumps and are wider and less complex. The focus lies on jumping and then doing stunts while in the air and for that extra nitro, a plethora of on-air options and special incentives for special jumps are provided to gamers. The players can perform barrel rolls or flat spins while in the air and the jumps are higher than normal. Another feature is the “Perfect Nitro” option which comes as soon as the nitro marker hits the red zone in the cylinder. If you tap the screen at this point, the speed increases manifold and the nitro boost holds longer than before, allowing you to make more moves.

Online Mode

The game stands out by providing a great multiplayer gaming experience in the online mode. Online gaming is made possible via Wi-Fi when connecting locally and with friends while on the global level, the internet helps in taking the game online. There is a dedicated World Series in the game, Asphalt 8, where players compete against each other and score points to elevate their levels. This option is not available in some devices, but most of them work fine with it.

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