Apple’s New iPhone 6 To Wreck Sales For Other Devices, Including The iPad

Far before the release date for the new iPhone 6 was even in the horizon, analysts have been speculating tremendous success for the device, and once the handset finally arrived, it did not disappoint, nor did it betray the expectations of many. The device managed to set new records in terms of sales ever since its pre-order phase. This could only mean bad news for Apple’s contestants, as their products would meet failure in market sales. However, new speculations have merged now, claiming that Apple’s new iPhone 6 flagship device will not only hinder the market performance for competitor brands, but also for its own products. The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a very large display which measures 5.5 inches, which is just a bit less than what the iPad Mini offers. The small difference in screen dimensions could result in sales dropping considerably for the tablet computer.

Given all the new features that come with the two iPhone 6 variants, many users might overlook the slight advantage the iPad Mini has in terms of screen size, which is only 2.4 inches, for a chance to grab the new iPhone. The smartphone comes with a long list of options that are not available to iPad Mini users, such a cellular calling, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, iOS 8 (specially altered for the extra screen capacity of the iPhone 6 Plus), a bigger pixel density and a far better camera configuration. Also, the new A8 processing chip is part of the device.

Last year, Tim Cook, which is the CEO for Apple, declared that the company has no problem with one of their products overcoming another, which can also be referred to as cannibalization. It is their belief that if they wouldn’t do it, there would someone else doing it, so it seems that the situation does not represent a problem for Apple. The iPad sales numbers seem to have slowed down over the last quarters, therefore the induction of the iPhone 6 Plus might even be considered well-timed. Compared to last year, Apple has taken quite a hit in the tablet department, falling from a 33% market share to a smaller 26.9%.

The tablet sales statistic are bound to go even lower, considering the rising number of demands for the new iPhone model, which brings a pretty huge 128 GB internal storage option onboard. This completes the perfect package for completely knocking the iPad into a corner and out of the light.

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