Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S – Smartwatch Battle, Apple And Samsung Take Rivalry To The Next Step

The leading electronics brand entered the smartwatch market, each with its very own design. However, the battle for best smartwatch just got serious, as Apple unveiled its candidate for the position, the Apple Watch. Among the LG G Watch R, Moto 360 and even Asus Zenwatch, there is the Samsung branded Gear S, which stands as one of the main contenders for Apple’s gadget. As the Apple Watch is the first attempt at such a gadget by the respective company, Samsung already has six smartwatch models under its belt, so it seems the Korean manufacturer has a little more experience.


For the device’s body, Apple chose a rectangular shape which is sustained by one of the six wristband available options. The Apple Watch can be acquired either in its aluminum version, or the stainless steel version. The near future will treat willing to spend users with an 18-karat gold variant. The gold edition will be branded as the Watch Edition, while the stainless steel version of the device will be referred to as the Watch Sport.

Useful functions like scrolling and zooming in where necessary can be achieved on the Apple Watch by using the digital crown sported by the gadget. It is present on the right side of the watch.

The Samsung device, Gear S, takes the same rectangular shape, making it seem like an enlarged Gear Fit model. The wristband that comes with the unit is also pretty big, as it is in fact as wide as the device itself.


The remarkable display offered by the Apple Watch comes as a 1.5 inch unit, but there is also a secondary version that features a 1.65 inch screen. The display benefits from the sapphire glass technology and is very responsive. You can swipe across the screen to get access to your apps, and if the screen turns off, you can bring it back to life once again by simply moving your wrist.

With its design and features, the Apple Watch puts quite the pressure on the Gear S which comes with a larger 2 inch display. It uses a different technology, however, as it operates using Super AMOLED. The 360x 480 screen will display the user’s content, even the features he can access by pressing the physical button located under it.


Due to is NFC capabilities, the Apple Watch will support ApplePay, which makes use of the technology for easy and fast payments. Also, sending and receiving text messages is very easy with the Apple Watch, as it will even give you ideas on what you could reply to a text you received. Once you made up your mind on what you want to send, the watch can write it down as you dictate, thanks to Apple’s digital assistant Siri. We couldn’t forget about the health care features, as the integrated sensors allow the device to keep track of your body movement and provide you with information such as how many calories you are burning, how much time you are spending up or down, even check your heart rate. As the case with all its devices, Apple decided to take a different route and come up with its own operating system. The OS used by Apple will be called Watch OS.

The Gear S, on the other hand runs using the Tizen operating system. Users can send out text messages by using the keyboard while network-wise, the device supports both 2G and 3G. The S Voice is also present, counting as the Siri equivalent on Samsung devices. Gear S features 4 GB of built-in storage, as well as 512 MB of RAM to go with its dual core processor clocked at 1 GHz. Health related sensors similar to those featured on the Apple Watch are also available on the Gear S, which can be paired with the Gear S Circle accessory that lets you answer phone calls through the watch.


The Gear S can last you about two days due to its 300 mAh battery, while there is no available information regarding the Apple Watch’s battery.

The Gear S will be available starting with October, while those intrigued by the Apple Watch will have to hold off until next year. The Apple Watch will presumably launch with a $349 price tag.

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