Apple Watch vs Moto 360 – Comparison of Specs and Pricing

Both Motorola and Apple are new to the smartwatch market.

And both companies entered the market with full enthusiasm and determined to deliver a product that will triumph everything else. Motorola went for something both beautiful, yet functional. How do the products of these two companies compare? Let’s find out.

Design and Display

Apple made sure to deliver a product that has a stunning design. A square watch, covered with stainless steel, Apple Watch is as much of a premium product as any other product from Apple. Apple offers different wrist straps for their latest device and so far the options are leather, metal mesh, stainless steel and polymer. The device features a physical dial, a feature that helps the user move through the UI without touching the display. Motorola went with something unconventional. While most of the smartwatches on the market feature a square form and design, Moto 360 uses circular form, making the device look more naturally like a watch. Moto 360 features a 1.56 inch screen display with a resolution of 320×290. The display is pretty crisp and there is plenty of room for users to fit their apps. Apple hasn’t dropped much information regarding the display, but it is known to be a Retina one. Another information Apple shared is that the display is flexible.

Operating System

It is all about the applications, when it comes to Apple. The watch is equipped with several apps including mail, phone, camera, passbook, music, maps, messages and lots more. Additionally, the device will feature fitness, workout and health apps that should be synced with the HealthKit application. Heart rate monitor and activity tracker are also rumored. The OS delivers notifications in real time for everything users need. Users can also manage their calendar to keep track of future events. One downside with the Apple Watch is that it requires an iPhone to function. It cannot operate as an individual device.

Moto 360 runs on the Android Wear OS, which is a system designed to offer functionality and productivity on the go. It comes with some of the same capabilities, like notifications, messages and calls. However, the OS is packed with Google friendly features. One of the best is Google Now, a personal assistant which can perform several tasks for you.


Apple hasn’t shed any light regarding the battery life of the smartwatch. However, experts believe it should easily beat the battery found in the Moto 360, as there are already complaining about it. Users claim that the Moto 360 can handle only 12 to 16 hours of usage. Both devices can be charged by wireless networks.


At the moment, the price for Moto 360 is set at $250, which is quite cheap for a smartwatch, given the fact that other devices on the market start at $300. Apple’s device starts at $350, but that doesn’t include some of the premium wristbands like 18-Karat gold and stainless steel. The device comes in several variations and the more luxury people want from the device, the more expensive it gets.

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